Sporting Clays

It was a bit cold and windy but a beautiful day to go shoot a round of Sporting Clays today. Once we were in the woods and walking around the wind barely bothered us and we had a ball.

My nephew Logan and I did a round of 50 clays this morning, and my personal results were way better than the first time I went. This was a different club, and it was only a round of 50, but I did a heck of a lot better. Part of that was I was using my own shotgun today, and part of that was that the course was probably a bit easier than the first one as well.

My nephew has beat me at the clays the last couple times we went to the trap range, but today I reminded him that I’ve been shooting a lot longer than he has. Especially on the back half of the course, where I only missed 3 clays.

December 1, 2013 34/100
Today 32/50


Today’s Scorecard:


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