Sporting Clays

It went from snowy and cold to the 60’s today. ┬áThe ground was a bit soggy but it was warm enough to get away with a tee shirt and a light jacket.

My nephew Logan and I went out for a rematch, and while I did better than last time, he did a lot better himself, jumping from 22 to 34 since last outing. And while my 37/50 was enough to stay ahead of him, it was a lot closer than last time.

I’m still using my pump 870 with a 28 inch barrel, and while a lot of the guys at the range have semi auto or over and under which are a heck of a lot more expensive. The pump may make it a bit harder, but that appeals to me in a strange way.

December 21, 2013 37/50
December 15, 2013 34/50
December 1, 2013 32/100

Today’s Scorecard:



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