Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 12

Episode  12 – Lunar Ellipse

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2.

They are well worth watching again. OMG, its the mid season break already!

Episode 12 starts with a strange flashback to the very beginning, tying in the tree stump to everything that has happened so far. (My personal opinion is that this was a little heavy handed.)

I have to say this season has been so confusing. I feel like I need an org chart to keep everything straight. I hope they hire some screen writers for next season who don’t believe in making it so convoluted that you can barely understand it. There is a difference between depth and needlessly complicated.

I was completely shocked when Ms. Blake takes the twins down like they were nothing at all. Of course, they are still alive. 2013_TW_E12_TwinDie

I get that Derek has a thing for Ms. Blake, but really, he is going to support her? It better be a trick. But when push comes to shove Derek goes at Deucalion. The big bad wolf takes down Derek and Ms. Blake in about thirty seconds and tries to force Scott to kill Ms. Blake, but Scott saves his ass with some flash powder.

Just when Deucalion was about to kill Ms. Blake using Scott as the weapon the eclipse makes the big bad wolf week. Ms. Blake kicks Deucalion’s ass but Derek tricks her into using up her strength, and in the process turns her against him as well. But he succeeds in burning down the clock and using up the time Ms. Blake was depending on using to kill everyone else.

The season finale ends with Ms. Blake dying at Peter’s hand. He is the bad guy for the second half of the season I guess.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Derek using his strength to save his Sister. Sometimes all you have is family.
  • The twins are turning to fight for the good team.
  • Deucalion changing. Holy sh*t that was cool. And Derek tries to fight him. What an idiot.
  • Scott threatening to kill Ms. Blake if she doesn’t stop the storm. He’s an alpha now.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Allison gets out of an ice bath and doesn’t have high beams on?
  • I have no idea what the water tank thing was actually supposed to do. It seems like a needless plot point that came out of nowhere (and didn’t satisfy the first bullet which would have made it at least acceptable.)
  • Wouldn’t a cop have to excuse himself if a family member was part of the investigation?
  • Why would Deucalion let Scott and Derek walk away?
  • Scott is an alpha now and Isaac is flirting with Allison. He should just kill Isaac and be done with it.

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