Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 5

Episode  5 – Frayed


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2. They are well worth watching again.

Episode 5 starts with a fun bus ride full of quiet tension as the cross country team travels to a match. Styles is his usual self, but Scott doesn’t really want to talk about what is going on.

Apparently this is one of those “in-reverse” episodes, which made the start a little hard to follow.

The boys are all on the bus, but Scott and the team apparently got into a brawl with the Alpha’s, and Allison is following the bus because of something she saw during the fight.

During the flashbacks we find out that the head Alpha lives next to the Argents and during the ambush, it looks like Derek may have eaten it after a long fall.

On the bus, Scott has no choice but to intervene before Boyd can attack any of the Alphas on the bus. He keeps Boyd from losing it, but he may have used up too much of his strength. While this is going on Styles notices that Ethan (a bad wolf) keeps checking his phone and gets Danny who’s sitting next to him to do some recon.

Back at the Dr Deacon’s shop the Alpha’s bring thier wounded to him, and it very clear they are very wary of him. I’m not sure what powers he has, but I can’t wait to find out.

After Stiles makes the puker spout a little, Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Stiles end up in a rest stop bathroom working on stitching Scott’s wounds up. He doesn’t seem to be healing, and Allison is freaking out that Scott is hurting so badly. She ends up stitching him up like Frankenstein, but it appears to help him “believe” he should be healing.

After getting stitched up Scott heads out to find that Isaac is beating the crap out of one of the Alphas. He ends up using his command voice and halts the action. Is this Scott turning into an Alpha?

Back at Dr. Deaton’s the head Alpha ends up killing his wounded soldier. I don’t get why they brought the wounded dude in, only to have the Alpha kill him?

When we finally get to the fight the Alphas mop the good guys up without too much effort. The head Alpha is about to make Derek kill one of his own when Allison shows up and kicks some ass of her own. (and looks good doing it.)

The last scene of the episode is Derek putting his bloody hand on the hot teacher’s window. I guess it is her turn to save him now.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The subtle tension between Allison and Scott that could have built into something hot if he hadn’t hurt her.2013_TeenWolf_Allison_Scott_E5
  • Lydia – “Where are you hands? What am I a nun? Put them somewhere useful.” She’s so hot when she’s slutty.2013_TeenWolf_Lydia
  • Stiles – “Do I have a PhD in lycanthropy?”
  • Stiles making Jared puke. I loved Stiles eyes when he sat next to the puker.2013_TeenWolf_Stiles_VomitFace
  • Scott’s eyes for just a moment during the fight when he transcends into Aphadom.
  • Scott thanking Allison for not listening when he told her to stay out of it.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • In the beginning of the episode why does Scott think that Derek is dead? (There are too many plots twists in Season 3 – I’m having trouble following I think.) Doh, its one of the “in-reverse” episodes.
  • God Damn MTV ad for show ruined part of he episode by telling us one of the people who died.
  • It seems like the good guys get their asses kicked too easily.

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