Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 7

Episode  7 – Currents


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons its time now. Season three is just kicking off. Go watch Season 1 & Season 2. They are well worth watching again.

There has been a ten car pile up. The ER doctor is AWOL, and Scott has just brought him mom some much needed dinner. As Scott is talking to his mom he reaches out and touches a patient in pain, and takes it away.  (Can Scott heal people? Or just take their pain away?)

Meanwhile, the on call ER Doc is attacked by butterflies. What the hell is going on?

Back at the veterinarian clinic Doc Deaton is surrounded by magic moths and he calls Scott in class to tell him he’s about to be taken. By the time Scott gets there Stiles dad is already there, but the Doc is gone.

Scott wants to tell Sheriff Stilinski the truth about the wolves and the other stuff that goes bump in the night, but Stiles is against it. When they go in to tell him Deaton’s sister is there, and tells them they need someone who can sense the supernatural.  Poor Lydia.

Back at Derek’s abode the bad wolves have his girlfriend, and they threaten to kill her unless he fights one on one with the bad toe female werewolf. I am so confused.  Too much going on this season and too many characters. (I think I am getting old.)

As Derek is fighting the female baddy – Scott has found Doc Deaton, and is trying to break through the wolfsbane gate to save him, showing his Alpha in the process. He can’t break in, but Stiles dad shows up just in time to blow the ropes apart with a well placed shot.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Danny gets to live.
  • Scott and Isaac protecting Melissa (Mom) from being the 3rd sacrifice.
  • Scott’s mom is a cutie.2013_TW_S3_E7_ScottsMom
  • Scott and Allison in the closet together. “That’s worse.” When she makes him turn around when he has a “reaction.”2013_TW_S3_E7_ScottAllison
  • Stiles telling Danny to take ownership for his own dream and be quiet.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why in the world is Lydia with one of the “bad” wolves.  Can’t they explain what is going on to her? She knows about wolves and lizards and such.
  • Oh Crap, Boyd is dead. And now they made Derek kill one of his own, so he is supposed to be taken by the need to do the others? (I’m not sure how this is supposed to work.)

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