The Day (2011)

The Day (4 out of 5 Graves)

Its clearly a 3 out of 5 on any normal scale, but on the apocalypse movie scale The Day is definitely a 4 out of 5.

The Day starts out with a small group of survivors walking down the road. 2013_TheDay_MovieOne of them is sick and is having trouble keeping up. The hapless group of survivors finds a house in the middle of nowhere.

The house becomes the centerpiece for the rest of the story. Up until now we have seen a few flashbacks, but don’t really know who the “bad” guys are.  We very shortly find out. (I won’t ruin it.)

Needless to say I enjoyed the movie. It was well acted and the action was non stop. I highly recommend.

This isn’t a sophisticated movie. It is fun, funny, and a bit corny. If you can roll with that, you will love this flick.

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