The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 10

Episode  10, Home


Episode 10 starts off just about where 9 ended, with Rick losing his goddamn mind. I know it adds to the drama, but I really just want to see people surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury Andrea gets a strange offer from the Governor. He wants her to take over, or at least that is what he says to her. He appears to be playing all ends against each other.

Back in the prison, Glenn is taking charge, but he wants to go and preemptively strike at Woodbury until Hershel talks him out of it. But then Maggie and him fight over the horrible emotions of what happened in Woodbury and Glenn can’t quite deal with knowing that Merle is left alive. He and Maggie can’t quite come to terms with the pain of what almost happened.

The episode ends with an explosive battle between the Governor’s assault team and the few survivors left at the prison.  The attack was well planned and well done, even if it was against the good guys. Daryl and Merle (which surprised me more) come to the rescue at the end, saving Rick from dying on the wrong side of the prison fence.

The honest truth is that the episode was a 2 or or a 3 until the last five minutes, when it jumped to a 5 out of 5 with the attack on the prison. Can’t wait to see how the prison survivors plan on fighting back next week.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carol talking with the inmate. There is something about her that just makes you want to cheer for her. I hope she keeps surviving.
  • Merle showing his true self when the people are on the bridge over the water. “I’m not wasting my bullets on no one who never cooked me dinner.” And then he goes on to say something about maybe Daryl being adopted. I hope Daryl sees his brother for what he really is and ditches him.
  • Daryl coming to the rescue on the bridge and crushing the walker in the tailgate.S3_E10_Blood
  • Daryl telling Merle to get out of the car and not steal from the survivors on the bridge. Good guy Daryl.S3_E10_Daryl_Merle
  • Hershel trying to talk some sense into Rick and Rick finally talking to someone about the crazy sh*t he’s been seeing and hearing. Hopefully its the beginning of him coming back to a more normal state.
  • The zombie drop off van. Great idea, even if was against the good guys.
  • Merle and Daryl coming to the rescue at the last minute. I love a good surprise saving of the *ss. The question is going to be, what is Glenn going to do with Merle around?

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Rick chasing Lorie’s ghost. I hate seeing him lose his mind. I kept waiting for the ghost to become a walker and try to bite him. I also didn’t like that when he slung the AR on his shoulder he put it on wrong, if he swings it around, it would be facing the wrong way.
  • OMG – The pain between Maggie and Glenn when she is telling him about the abuse she got from Merle. The whole thing just puts a knot in my stomach. I know the show is supposed to be gritty and real, but I still want a little happiness as well.
  • The people on the brdige are a little too good with the head shots.
  • The Governor can’t hit shit after his first shot. Come on, some of those people would have bit it. Not that its what I want, but I hate it when people run across open ground when automatic fire is going off all around them.

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