The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 12

Episode  12, Clear


The episode starts with Rick, Michonne, and Carl flying down the road in a car. They zip by a camper stranded on the side of the road only to get temporarily stuck on the side of the road for just long enough for the poor fellow to see them again. Rick doesn’t blink an eye, but drives away, leaving the poor sod behind – again. (These are the moments when I wonder if karma will come back to bite Rick on the ass. Will that fellow be a critical character in the near future?)

The road trip ends up at the armory for the police station Rick used to work at, but all the guns and ammo are gone. And it looks like someone cleaned up the rest of the town, killing and burning walkers.

An old friend from Season 1 makes a re-appearance, but he’s a little nuts. The story of how he lost his son is a kick in the nuts. He was never able to kill his wife who turned, and she ended up getting his boy Duane, which put him over the edge. By the time Morgan is done talking I was actually hoping that Rick would put a bullet in the dude just to end his pain. But I think that Rick has to save Morgan because he’s not really talking about Morgan, he’s talking about himself.

As Rick, Michonne, and Carl are driving out of town the body of the hiker they drove by in the beginning is spread out over the road. I wasn’t sure what was supposed to have killed him? It almost looks like he was hit by a car, he’s spread out over the road. But maybe he was just ripped to pieces?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The punji stick fortifications in Rick’s old town. And then Carl blowing away the dude with the assault rifle. Then it turns out to be the black dude who rescued Rick in Season 1 when he first got out of the hospital. Now where is the guys son? Doh, when we found out it was not good.
  • Great atmosphere – if you see this, be worried.2013_TWD_NSY
  • Rick – “We’re eatin his food now?”   Michonne – “Mat said welcome.”
  • Morgan’s traps with the animals to lure walkers in. Awesome idea.
  • Michonne using the skateboards and the caged animals to draw the walkers away from the door.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • If the black dude has all those weapons, why did he bother to try and jack Rick and team of their meager guns? It seems like he would have been better off just letting them go. People aren’t going to start shooting if you don’t jack them.  Then again, maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know he is there. So he kills everyone so they don’t try and hijack anything?
  • OMG – how do you keep letting Carl go out? If he was my kid I’d make sure he was by my side. Thirty six inch rule mother f*ckers. My kid is not getting more than thirty six inches away from me.
  • Rick getting a knife hilt deep into his shoulder. I think he’d be bleeding and in a lot more pain.2013_TWD_Kniifed
  • Carl is pale and way too clean.  The kid should be dirtier.
  • OMG – Carl, you little shit. How many times are you almost going to get people killed for no good reason. For god’s sake kid, is a picture of your family worth getting eaten over? He deserves to get bit. And then he is standing in front of the door as if the walkers couldn’t break through the door.

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