The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 13

Episode  13,  Arrow on the Doorpost


The episode starts with Daryl and Rick stalking through an old farm. The Governor is waiting for Rick inside. Andrea tries to play peacekeeper, but it doesn’t seem like the Governor really wants to talk peace. Rick puts an offer to split the land into territories, but the Governor doesn’t want to hear it.  All he wants is the women who took his eye, and killed his child. He tells Rick that if he turns over Michonne he’ll let the rest of the people at the prison go in peace. Of course he’s lying. He plans on killing everyone.

Merle is his same old self. Taunting Carl, then pushing the others to load up a truck and attack.

Overall the episode was the slowest so far, but I guess it progressed the story forward for the exciting last few episodes of the season.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Daryl and his bad *ss knife throwing when he kills the walker between the grain silos.
  • Hershel telling Milton that he’s not going to show him his stump unless Milton buys him a drink first. (Of course Hershel doesn’t want to show the gun taped to his leg either.)
  • Everyone coming together to stop Merle. Although I think if I was Glenn I would have just shot the bastardS3_E13_Merle
  • The touching and heartfelt words between Glenn and Maggie. I kept waiting for something bad to happen when he was telling her he loved her. And then of course I was afraid something bad would happen during the hot sex scene and interrupt it. I’m glad they are back together. S3_E13_GlennMaggie

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • It is really dark inside the old barn when Rick goes inside at the beginning of the episode. I’d think there would be a bit more concern about an ambush or walkers inside.
  • Hmmmm, why are Rick and the Governor even meeting? It doesn’t seem like they are even talking about a non violent resolution.
  • Glenn and Maggie standing pretty much out in the open when they are talking. Didn’t the Governor already teach them the “standing in the open” lesson?
  • Rick even partially thinking about giving up Michonne. Not only is it the wrong thing to do, but if he does it, there is no way the group is going to hold together.

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