The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 15

Episode  15, This Sorrowful Life


The governor has convinced Rick to hand over Michonne, and goes to recruit Merle, Daryl, and Hershel to help him. Merle actually tells Rick the truth about what the Governor is going to do to Michonne, and Rick seems to accept it. I really hope Rick doesn’t plan on doing it. Is he really that thick that he thinks the Governor is going to honor the deal?

Thankfully, Rick doesn’t leave us hanging for long, and we find out he doesn’t plan on going through with it even it was a little late.  Merle figured Rick would back out and decides to take matters into his own hand.

The ending was touching and sad. Poor Daryl.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Michonne taking down walkers with her sword in the opening scenes. She’s one badass I want on my side when all hell breaks loose. 
  • Merle “Do we have any whiskey? Hell – I’d even drink vodka.”
  • Glenn telling Daryl that he cares more for Maggie than he does about himself. The love story between Maggie and Glenn is very touching. One of the few positive story lines left.
  • Daryl – “I just want my brother back.”  Merle – “Get out of here man.”  Typical brother exchange. My big brother hates it when I show him emotion too.
  • Glenn asking Hershel for his blessing to marry Maggie. I remember a time when that would have pissed Hershel off.  Now it makes him happy.
  • Merle setting off the car alarm. The dinner bell is RINGING!!!! Best kill of the night goes to Michonne.2013_TWD_E15_Michonne_Kill
  • Merle dragging the walkers to the meeting place with his car. A great way to even the odds. It actually made me like Merle for a second or two. I loved when he was taking out members of the Woodbury crew and covering his fire behind theirs  I’m just sorry he only got a few of them before the Governor got him.
  • The Governor biting off two of Merle’s fingers2013_TWD_E15_Fingers
  • When Rick see’s Michonne walking back to the prison and he has her in his cross hairs, all I could think was “If that was Andrea, she would have shot Michonne.”

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Rick making plans to turn Michonne over. It is one thing to have Rick turn “darker” – but I think it will ruin him if he goes through with it.
  • Rick thinking about using Cat5e cable to tie up Michonne. It is too flexible and thick. Much better off using baling wire, or something thin and bendable.
  • You think that Michonne would know better than to go anywhere with Merle don’t you?2013_TWD_E15_Michonne
  • Glenn getting Maggie’s ring from a walker. It seems a little sick.
  • Why did Merle let Michonne go? It didn’t really make sense to me? He suddenly turns into a decent guy?
  • Everyone is a bit too clean.
  • It was sad and touching when Daryl had to kill Merle.

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