The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 16

Episode  16, Welcome to the Tombs


OMG – It is the last episode of the season! I’m both excited and sad.

The episode starts with the Governor beating the crap out of Milton, angry that he burnt up the walkers in the pit, and took away a tactical resource in the process.

Back at the prison Rick and the team are packing up, getting ready to run, or at least that is what it looks like. After the Governor rolls through the front doors we find out that Rick planned an ambush, but it was kind of half assed. They should have hit harder while their enemies had their backs turned. It seemed like a poorly run counter ambush just to turn around and bolt while leaving Glenn, Carol, and Beth behind to fight off a second wave if the Governor returns?  Or was Rick going out to attack the Governor as he ran?  I have no idea.

The episode started out so strong. It had awesome gun battles and action.  Then it just went down hill. There wasn’t really an ending. I guess they were going for a cliff hanger for next season. What happens with the Governor?  But it just felt like crap to me. They could have done a better job.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Milton trying to do the right thing at the end. He didn’t really stand a chance against the Governor, but it was a better than killing Andrea. 
  • The brief moment at Daryl’s bike when he and Carol touch hands.2013_TWD_E16_Daryl
  • Awesome assult scenes when the Governor’s team takes the prison gates and blows the hell out of the place. The suspense builds as they get deeper into the prison and there is still no signs of Rick & Associates. I kept praying Rick set it up so the place was full of walkers.
  • The beginning of the ambush, although I think it was only half effective. They should have figured a way to kill everyone in the prison.
  • Carl killing the kid with the shotgun. I don’t really see he had any other choice. What was he going to do, take a prisoner in the middle of an assault?2013_TWD_E16_Carl
  • The Governor losing it. Unexpected but awesome. I just wished one of his guys had ended him like a dog. The bit with the woman lying under the body of the other dude was a nice touch. The really good news is that he slaughtered most of his fighters, which should give Rick & Associates a better chance at survival.
  • Milton’s hand starting to move in the corner as Andrea is working at her restraints.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

    • Andrea telling Milton that he’s going to be okay.  Total and utter b*llshit, but maybe it was the kind thing to say to a dying man. I still liked his reply though. “Find something sharp and stab me in the head.”
    • Did Andrea’s toes look like they had recently had a pedicure? They looked well kept and shiny, not like what I would have expected if she were living it “rough” for a while.
    • Andrea getting bit. I didn’t like her, but getting bit and then having to eat a bullet is a sucky way to go.




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