The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 9

Episode  9, The Suicide King


After a long mid-season hiatus it is finally time for new episodes of The Walking Dead. I’ve been looking forward to watching this all day.

The ninth episodes starts off just where episode 8 ended, with Daryl being held captive.  The Governor wants to pit brother against brother, but even though it looks at first like Merle is turning on Daryl, he is just waiting for the right moment to try and save his little brother.

The rescue team gets Daryl out, with Merle in tow, which causes some issues. The rest of the group doesn’t want Merle coming back to the prison, and Daryl won’t leave his brother behind – again. In one way I get it, its his brother, but at the same time, what a horrible decision to have to make.

Back the prison the new comers seem like good people, but some of them want to try and take over the prison.  Which I blame Hershel for. He had to tell them not to get too comfortable. I would have thought that the party was getting too small, a few more able bodies would make the place more secure.

Rick is against letting any of the newcomers into the “family”. He is afraid he’ll make the wrong choice. Hershel tries to talk reason to him. Tells him he has to give people a chance, he can’t lock everyone out. He looks up on the second floor of the prison block and sees a ghostly outline of Lorrie. The others think he’s losing it, which maybe he is. The newcomers run, afraid he’s going to start shooting.

Overall, the mid season kick off was a strong episode. Now we just have to wait until next week to see what happens.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Daryl snagging his crossbow as they escape the town after the rescue.
  • The uber messed up walker pulling back the sheet metal to get into Woodbury.
  • The walker in the truck that jumps out at Glenn when they stop on the road. Glenn takes care of business, crushing it’s head with his boot.S3_E9_GlennFoot
  • Andrea taking care of business when the walkers get into Woodbury. Even if she is on the wrong side at the moment.
  • Beth giving Rick a kiss when he gets back. She’s a college grad in real life, but I’m not sure how old she is in the show, so I’m not sure if it is cute or creepy cute. She graduated college in 2006, so she’s an adult in real life, but she looks so young I can’t help but think its a little creepy.
  • Beth with the baby and talking about Daryl and the way that Carl says that men like Daryl have a code.
  • The Lil Asskicker bassinette. S3_E9_LilAsskicker
  • H

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The townspeople in Woodbury are way to comfortable around the walkers.
  • Glenn freaking out and saying hurtful things to Maggie and Rick. I can’t believe Glenn would ever do that.
  • The baby cries when Rick holds it. That just seems wrong. The look pain and indecision on his face is horrible. Is it even his kid?

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