The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 1)

Episode  1,  30 Days Without an Accident


Season 4 is here!

30 Days Without an Accident starts with Rick going down to the prison yard where the group has a horse and planted some fields. As he’s hoeing away he finds a pistol.

Back in camp proper Daryl is apparently a bit of a celebrity. He’s been going out and rescuing people and bringing them back, and everyone loves him. (But Carol loved him first.)

Rick is still up to something odd. Hershel comes to him and says “the council” wants to make sure he takes a gun if he goes outside the fence. I guess he’s turned into a zombie pacifist? Is this a reaction to Carl killing the kid?

The first episode brings it strong. Between the creepy woman in the woods and the zombie rain at the super market. And there are hints that Maggie is pregnant. I guess all that time in the tower finally payed off for Glenn and Maggie. (Is it weird if Hershel delivers? Should you be doing that for your own daughter?) But it turns out she’s not. Which of them do you think has the right of it, Maggie or Glenn? Live your life as best you can or try and minimize the suffering.

Episode 1 ends with Carl’s friend dying in the shower and turning, leaving us hanging for next week.

An awesome start to the season.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The way Rick is using headphones to block out the noise of he walkers and the sound effect when he pulls his earbud out for a moment and the noise from the biters gets louder.
  • Carl named the pig Violet.
  • The hordes coming at the fence when the volunteers are killing them.
  • Maggie and Glen are still in love!2013_S4_E1_Maggie
  • The little kids at the fence naming the zombies. Sick but funny.
  • The military camp that Daryl takes his team to looks amazing. It was very well done.
  • The kid trying to guess what Daryl was before the end started. “A homicide cop.”
  • The woman Rick finds in the woods is amazingly creepy. There is something very dark and “wrong’ about her. She doesn’t give me a good feeling.
  • I actually jumped when the crazy woman attacked Rick. The head in the bag was well done.
  • I love Carol’s story time. Secrete combat training.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The people at the fence killing zombies to keep the weight off the fences aren’t wearing enough protective gear. No glasses and no face shields. At least they were wearing gloves.
  • What the hell is up with Rick? I get that he has been hardened by everything that is going on, but still.
  • So Daryl knows there were walkers in the army camp a few days ago and someone lured them out with a boombox. I think I would be a lot more cautious going into that camp.
  • Everyone has separated in the shopping center. Please, first rule of zombie survival. Don’t separate. Pair up.
  • Poor Beth, her boyfriend died. Good guy #1 dead. It sucks for Daryl that he had to tell her.
  • Rick and team know that anyone who dies turns. I think you would have to go the buddy system. Or even wall of parts of the groups so if someone dies in their sleep you only lose so much. Harsh, but its the world they live in.

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