The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 2)

Episode  2,  Infected


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Infected starts off with a strange zombie rat feeding scene. Has Rick totally lost it? The crazy woman with her husbands head had said he just needed a bit of fresh meet. Did he take that to heart in some weird way. Or is the crazy little girl feeding them?

Back in the prison Tyrese is trying to get lucky, and when he strikes out his lady friend hits the bathroom for some water, just missing Nick the Zombie in the process. Nick ends up stumbling by her cell door and falling on another helpless survivor, killing him with almost no sound. Now there are two walkers inside the walls!

Surprisingly, Nick the Zombie and his half eaten friend stay in their cell until daylight. I just don’t get why you wouldn’t have a fire watch. (You know, someone who’s job it is just to stay up and wake everyone else if something flickers to life – or unlife.)

When the cell block does explode in zombie violence there is panic and  gunshots. Michonne was just heading out, and when she turns around and races through the outer gate with Carl’s help they also let a few walkers in. She ends up wrestling and Carl shoots one of them when she kicks it off, but she appears to be hurt after she flips the second walker off and Maggie helps her in.

There is a brief and violent battle as the team clears the walkers in the cell block. Carol tries to save a man who was bitten on the arm only to find he also has a bight on the back of his neck. Amputating his arm isn’t going to save him. She seems way to calm as he tells her he feels it coming.

After it is all done the team realizes that some form of pneumonia killed the kid and they work on a plan to separate out the infected and those who might have been exposed. Anyone who dies of the flu is going to turn when they die. They somehow realize that is a form of hemmoraghic flu, and when the infected die they bleed from their noses, eyes, and mouths, like the zombies Rick has been seeing through the fence.2013_TWD_S4_E2_BleedingEyes

The walkers have been riled up by everything going on inside the prison and end up pressing so many numbers on the fence that they start to knock it over. Rick is forced to sacrifice his pigs to get them off the fence, but takes several sprays of pig blood to the face as he is slicing them open to draw the walkers off. Hershel already said that pigs are a commonly infected animal, and Rick just took several shots of blood to the face. Doh!

Afterwards he takes apart his pig pen and burns everything, afraid there might be infection there. Then, seemingly mildly broken, he gives Carl back his pistol and straps back on his own Colt Python.

In the last moments of Episode 2 Tyrese is bringing flowers to his lady love only to find a blood trail leading outside. When he gets outside he sees two bodies, both dead and burnt with gasoline. Who killed them? Tyrese wants to know so he can tear them apart for killing his lady love.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Glenn and Maggie. I hope they continue to make it.
  • The way the walkers weigh down on the fences and the survivors have to clear them off.
  • The way the zombies outside get agitated and start to push on the gates after Carl shoots the walker on Michonne.
  • The angel wings you see on the back of Daryl’s jacket.
  • Little Ass Kicker playing with cups when Beth is bandaging up Michonne.
  • The zombie getting cut by the fence by the weight of all the others pressing in from behind.
  • Beth has a beautiful voice when she is singing to LAK. (Little Ass Kicker)

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Don’t go anywhere alone. I’m so sick of seeing people separating and getting eaten or surprised. Never go anywhere alone and always have a weapon. Even in base.
  • Oh, and use a chain on your cell door before you sleep. Really? You sleep with your cell open and unguarded?
  • Oh crap, was that Beth that Daryl just shot in the head? (Thank god, no.)
  • Carol is way to casual with the dude who was bit. I don’t think a sheet is enough precaution to hold a walker to a bed. Come on Carol. Then you let the man’s own daughter think about offing him? Isn’t his death enough trauma for one day?
  • Carol may have gone a little off the deep end. I think she was a little cold with the girls. I get why, but it still felt like 0 to 100 in a half second.

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