The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 3)

Episode  3,  Isolation


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Isolation starts off pretty much were episode 2 left off. There are two huge blood trails and the smoking remnants of two bodies. Rick and Daryl try to reason with a very angry Tyreese and Rick ends up losing his cool and almost beating him to death.

The council meets and Hershel tells them that there might be one place where there are still meds at a nearby veterinary school. While Michonne and Daryl get ready to roll out in search of meds the rest of the survivors are torn apart by the need to put people in isolation while the unknown killer/burner is still on the loose.

In the midst of all of this Hershel decides he has to go out in the woods to pick some unknown herbs which turn out to be a folk remedy for fevers.

Daryl recruits Tyreese to go on the medication run but back in the prison Carol is trying to fix their water shortage. She is outside the fence, trying to get the pipes unclogged when a horde starts to approach. Rick just barely saves her before she gets in real trouble.

On the medicine run we see an awesome horde, one of the largest ever, and the team looses their ride when the drive wheels get stuck with walkers.The team runs for it, but Tyreese freezes, stuck in the car. When he does get free he stands in the midst of the walkers, swinging his hammer madly. Is this a sign of madness caused by guilt? Was he the one who dragged Karen out and burned her? Was he behind it the whole time?

Amazingly, Tyreese survives.

Back in the prison, my mind is blown when we find out who killed Karen and David. Carol has apparently crossed over to psycho? After Rick finds a handprint he somehow figures out that Carol might be the one. When confronted she admits to it without hesitation.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Hershel’s calm and thoughtful demeanor when he’s talking to Rick. He’s taken over Dale’s place as the conscience of the group.
  • The sick ward was awesomely gruesome and scary.
  • Hershel wanting to go on the medication run. Daryl tells Hershel that its always ends up the same. Sooner or later we run. Hershel’s reply = I’ll draw you a map.
  • Mossy tree walker. Amazing special effects.
  • Hershel wanting to go into the quarantine zone to try and save people, but especially because Glenn is in there and he knows how badly Maggie would be hurt if anything happened to Glenn.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Oh crap, Glenn is getting sick. Glenn can’t die!!!
  • Carl agreeing to go with Hershel outside the prison, and then walking toward the sound of walkers.
  • What the hell is Carol thinking? You don’t go outside the fence unless you have cover from the tower and others with weapons. It doesn’t make sense to put everyone at risk the way she did.
  • Dammit Hershel, wear a face shield.

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