The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 5)

Episode 4, Internment


The fifth episode, Internment starts off pretty much exactly where  episode four left off. Rick is driving back and Hershel is still in the prison trying to save the sick ones.

Maggie is working hard at the fence when Rick gets back, and tells Maggie what happened. Maggie tells Rick he was right to send Carol away. Thank god people are acting rational. I was afraid Maggie was going to say he should have forgiven Carol, which would make no sense to me.

Caleb, the other doctor is very sick, and Hershel doesn’t want to believe him about the worst possible outcome. Caleb has a shotgun, but Hershel doesn’t even want to contemplate any form of violence.

Of course while Hershel is closing up for the night one of the residents goes down and Hershel is forced to move a body by himself. You think he’d have learned after losing a leg not to take any chances with biters. Do the deed, do it quick, and don’t hesitate.

Very shortly all hell breaks loose. Hershel has people turning inside and the fence is failing outside. Rick and Carol end up getting M4’s and trying to hold off the walkers. Awesomeness ensues. Father and son kicking ass.

Inside the prison Hershel gets the shotgun and gets Lizzie and Maddie in a cell but ends up fishting with the walker he threw over the safety rail to get the AMBU bag for Glenn. I thought for a minute he was going to pull the breathing tube out too, but thankfully he just needed the bag.

At the end of the episode it looks like they have stabilized the prison and are cleaning up, but Rick still needs to tell Daryl what happened to Carol. (My fear is that Daryl is going to go out looking for Carol because she showed him he could be part of humanity again – or at least that is how I thought of it as their relationship grew.)

The very last image was of the governor! Oh damn, what happens now?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Hershel and his spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday.
  • Hershel’s humanity. In the face of everything around him he doesn’t want people to see their friends and family turn and be stabbed in the head.
  • Rick telling Carol its his job to try and protect him from the world. No matter what. It hit me right in the feels.
  • The music when Hershel is forced to stab the recently dead patient in the head. It was very moving.
  • Hershel – “A sad heart can kill faster than any germ.”
  • Awesome ax work by Maggie when he walker grabs Rick through the fence.
  • Lizzie luring the intubated walker away from Glenn. You go girl.
  • Working on the fence in the dark. Creeped me out.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Hershel not letting Glen stab the dead man but wanting to take him somewhere else first. Don’t take the risk of the guy turning in transit.
  • I know Hershel is in there and there aren’t a lot of people up and about. But really, you find Sasha on the ground and the patient in the room has bled out and you don’t stab said patient in the head before putting your back to it?
  • Watching Glenn suffer.
  • Maggie not wanting to go up and see what is going on in the prison after the gunshot. Her dad and little sister are up there. Get real.
  • Oh, and you better not kill off Glenn or Maggie. I will be really pissed.
  • Has Hershel’s faith been shaken? I really hope not.

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