The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 6)

Episode 6, Live Bait


The sixth episode, Live Bait tells the story of what happened to the Governor after he lost Woodbury. He rapidly sinks into depression and those still with him after the failed raid on the prison sneak off in the night after they see how little he appears to care about what is going on around him. After he burns down what’s left of Woodbury he starts to walk, wandering aimlessly.

Cut to the present. While he’s walking, tired, and run down, he sees a little girl in a window. You think he’s lost it and he’s seeing his dead daughter, but it turns out there are survivor up in the building.

He gives them his supplies and his guns and they let him in. There are two sisters, a little girl, and an older man who appears to be on oxygen. The people are scared, but seem nice enough. He does a small good deed for them, and helps them understand that you need to hit the walkers in the head to kill them.

He wants to leave, but one of the sisters begs him to go to the old folks home to get more oxygen for her dad. Whatever else is going on with the Governor, he still wants to be needed. He wants human contact, even if he can’t admit it to himself. He was going to leave, but intead he heads to the old folks home to find oxygen.

Zombie question…are old people turned zombies less dangerous than younger people who turned? Would their weakened state mean weakened zombies or does it just not matter?

After the Governor retrieves the oxygen for the family the nurse sister takes care of a small wound he got on his forehead. He sits there as the nurse tells him about how her daughter thought the Governor was her dad who walked out on them years before the end started.

The nurses daughter seems to pull the Governor out of his depression. He shaves and is once again engaged with the world.

Does the governor not know that everyone turns when they die? No, he does, he told them to get out. Of course the old man turns and everyone freaks out. Maybe, just maybe the Governor could have told them what would happen before the poor girls had to see it first hand.

Sadly, the little girl who pulled the Governor out of his funk appears to be scared of him after he bashed her grandfathers head in with an oxygen tank. What a wuss.

The daughters beg the Governor to take them with him, and breaks down and does it. I’m curious to see how far they get before he turns bad again. I would almost like it if he took a turn for the better and he didn’t try and kill Rick and team again. There has to be a point where trying to survive would be more important than revenge.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The governor’s crazy dissociated behavior. His dejected sadness hit me in the feels.
  • The walkers on the floor above the old man’s bedroom. That would be so creepy to hear them moving around above you all night and day.
  • The Governor on why he lost his eye. “I’m a pirate.”
  • The cop sisters habit of fist bumping.
  • The chess analogy with the Kings. You know he was thinking about Rick when he was looking at the chess pieces.
  • Nurse sister snuggling up to the Governor and trying to act casual about it. And aren’t there other people in the box truck with them? Really? I bet cop sister gets jealous.
  • Megan, the nurses daughter running to the Governor.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Wouldn’t the tub zombie have shot himself in the head?  So how would he have turned afterwards?  But maybe he put it against his chest?
  • Why would the nurse daughter let her daughter stay with a strange man?
  • Everytime a horde is about to come someone trips. Really cop sister?

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