Sporting Clays In The Snow

A friend of mine from work and his son in law came over to the Jersey side of the river this morning and we shot a round of sporting clays.

Even though it was freezing cold it was still a blast. Halfway through it started to snow so hard we could barely see the clays. And somewhere along the line we messed up the scorecard, so my number is a little higher than it should be. Vaughn made the executive decision to just give us hits to meet up to where his son in law was on the card.

This is Vaughn shooting in the snow:

January 25, 2014 58/100
December 28, 2013 38/50
December 27, 2013 31/50
December 21, 2013 37/50
December 15, 2013 34/50
December 1, 2013 32/100

Today’s Scorecard: Scorecard_Jan_2014

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