Clay Day

My younger son and myself decided to go out in the cold and try out his new Tristar Raptor in 20G. This is his first semi auto and he loved it. The recoil is almost nill and the gun shoots beautifully.

He had a great day, and actually had multiple shots where he broke both clays on his first shot, which he thought was awesome.

He’s had a cold for several days, but if he still feels good tomorrow I’m hoping to take him to the sporting clay range for the first time.

Have fun, be safe, and if you are looking at youth model 20G, the Tristar is a good bet. We put 60 rounds through it today with only a few small issues that will most likely clear up as the gun breaks in. Out of 60 rounds we had 2 failure to ejects, but the weapon was new so it is still in its break in phase.

We will keep you up to date as we shoot more, but I expect it to get better as the metal on metal parts wear themselves together.

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