Jon Stewart & Open Carry

Look, I love to go to the range and plink. I love shooting clays even more.  I support the 2nd amendment and believe we should have the right to have firearms for personal protection and sporting needs.

I don’t think you need a fully auto rifle or a hundred clip however. I just don’t see how any sportsman or hunter really needs that. I’m fine with a thirty round limit – which would double the state limit of my own home state.

I just don’t think people need to carry long rifles in public. I don’t see the need. It makes it harder for the “normal” people out there to feel comfortable, and it also puts gun supporters like myself in a bad spot. People tend to lump the “gun guys” all together, even us more reasonable ones.

I do however support concealed carry. If you take a course and can show you can safely handle and carry the weapon, you should be allowed, discretely.

The people forcing these dumb open carry debates are hurting the overall cause in my opinion. No one is coming to take your guns. We should all support keeping weapons away from people who need mental help, have violent tendencies, or have a history of criminal behavior.

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