League Of Legends Ruins My Dinner

So how exactly does League of Legends ruin my dinner. It starts with a simple request to my oldest son (20 years old btw) that he should make dinner as I’ve worked all day.

At six I remind him that he is on dinner duty. He says “Oh, I wasn’t sure if you were kidding.”

He picks something very simple. Nuggets and fries. He preheats the oven. He puts everything in.

Then he starts to play League. This is where it goes bad. The fire alarm starts to chirp. It can smell the faintly burning chicken and fries. I ask Ty to check the food.  He runs in from the computer room and says the food is not done, it needs five or six more minutes.

A minute later the smoke alarm is going off full blast. He runs into the kitchen, takes the food out, then runs back to his PC.

That is how League ruined my dinner…2014_BurntGaming


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