Long Sad Story

Poor guy buys his dream car and gets screwed over. Up until now I always wanted a Porsche as well, and assumed that they would treat their customers better than this as they are such an expensive brand.

Guess when my kids are out of college I’ll be going with an A8 instead.

Give this guy some likes on youtube, hopefully that will help Porsche realize people are paying attention. I had my own experience with the lemon laws and even though everything was on my side it took 16 months of getting jerked around to get a new car. And I was literally in the dealership at least once a week on my way home from work, talking very loudly, going over all the problems I had so everyone in the place could hear me. The car companies have all the power in situations like this, and its sad.

The overage guy, even a Porsche owner, may not have the ability to higher lawyers and or may just need to get their ride fixed, which is what the dealership is counting on. They play a waiting game, hoping you fold for a lesser settlement.

Good luck….

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