Microdiscectomy Recovery Day 4

Day 4 was a big day.

First of all I slept through the night on nothing by Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. Yesterday around dinner I had some reaction to taking my narcotics and felt very dizzy/nautious so I decided to see if I could take the pain with only over the counter meds. The incision site pain is definitely a little worse but I can still get up to pee which is my measuring stick for whether it was feasible.

The second big development is that I was able to climb the steps to the second floor and get a shower. It was exhausting and I am going to take a nap now, but it was so worth it.

Pre clean up: 2014_Day4PreCleanPost clean up:


Sorry for the super serious stares, I was in a bit of pain from standing so long. This was the longest I’ve been on my feet since pre surgery, but it feels so good to be clean and shaved, and to get the anti-DVT stockings off my feet.

I think I forgot to mention them before, but I’ve been wearing tight white stockings to keep blood clots from forming in my legs and by this morning I was sick and tired of them. It made taking them off and climbing in the shower twice as nice.

My goals now are pretty simple. Manage my pain with OTCs and keep upping the amount of time I spend on my feet. I’m also hoping that tomorrow I can move to just a single cane.

I guess we’ll know tomorrow.

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