Contact the FCC – Net Neutrality

Go to and tell the FCC why big corporations shouldn’t be allowed to slow down content they don’t own. It will kill the internet!

Keep trying the link, it has been so busy it has been hard to get through.

My submission:

When big corporations can squeeze the content providers by slowing them down or asking them for money to deliver their content at a usable speed innovation and future developments will be stifled.

Companies looking to build new websites delivering content or social networking will be stifled by the inability to compete with the providers who are throttling the internet for profit. And if I don’t like my internet provider, I don’t really have a choice. Who am I going to go to if I leave them? So i can’t even protest the actions of the providers because there really is very little option to get TV/internet in my geographic area.

FYI – It took forever to get this to post, because apparently the FCC site was built really, really well – and probably my provider is throttling my ranting.


It only took about six tries to get it accepted. Keep trying until you get your confirmation number!

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