Old Town Discovery 164 Canoe To Duck Boat

I lucked out and bought a 16ft canoe on ebay for a $100.  I made an offer, and they took it.

It’s not in the best shape ever, but as I plan on slapping some tape and using it in a swamp I’m perfectly fine with that.

I picked up some Styx River paint in Mud Brown (the actual name) and put on a base coat.


I was hoping to get away with using the 1 quart but I think I need to get one more and put a second coat on. It 95% covered the blue, but I figure now is the time to get it done. If you look you can see some of the blue coming through from below.2014_BlueCanoe_2

So i bought another can of paint and did a second coat. After another coating the base looked good. I called it quits here for now, but plan on using some black spray paint to mist on some grassy silhouettes. 2014_BlueCanoe_4

The paint I used was Styx River “Mud Brown” because where I hunt is a very muddy, well, brown.



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