Remington 870 Upgrades

When I bought my 870 it was the basic stripper model. Since then I’ve done a few critical upgrades. The first was to put a Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad on and then to add a High Visibility Follower so that the spring won’t bind in the magazine tube.

But the more I handled the weapon and saw expensive weapons at the range the more I wanted to do something with the stock, so I started to look around and eventually found a nice all wood stock set to replace my factory laminate set.

The first step was to take apart the weapon and use a Forend Wrench to take the forearm nut off. I’ve seen some video’s where people use needle nose pliers or other homemade wrenches to do the job, but if you have a well seated nut, you’re better off just being the Wrench.

This will allow you to pull the foreend off the forward stock and you will be left with just the metal frame.

The next step is to carefully slide the tube into the new stock and seat it correctly. You can then use the Forend Wrench to tighten the forend nut back into place.

This is where I replaced my stock laminate with the new solid wood stock. You can see the difference in quality, and I am really happy with it. You can see that the factory laminate is really just a lot of thin slices of plywood glued together and cut into shape. I’m really happy with the new solid wood look and feel. 2013_870_Forearm


And since I had the weapon broken down I also too the chance to add a Sling Mount between the rear stock and the receiver. I like this much better than the swivel mounts that can be placed at the rear of the stock. In my opinion its the only way to go as it keeps the sling in a better position and its less likely to get bound up while using the weapon.

It mounts easily between the 870 receiver and the stock. 2013_870_SlingMount

After putting everything back together I am very happy with the way the gun looks and feels. It was well worth the effort.



I love the way the solid wood stock looks compared to the laminate.

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