Revolver Decisions

Okay, so I am thinking about getting a revolver.  I would love to get one of the 9mm revolvers but the only one I really trust is the S&W 986 or the Ruger 5456.

S&W 986:



Ruger 5456:



Unfortunately the Ruger 5456 feels very small in my hand and I’m not in the need for concealed carry.  And as for the S&W, I love the way it feels in my hand as well as the way it looks – and it has 7 rounds which is very appealing.  The downside is the price.  The cheapest I see one is around $1150-$1200 range.

My second choice for chambering is 357.  I’ve got it narrowed down to three models but haven’t held them all or talked to enough people to make a decision yet.

Ruger GP100




SW 586



Taurus 652014_Model65_Taurus

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