Saturday Movie – Blended (2014)

This Saturday’s movie is Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore’s Blended. This is the perfect date night movie. It deals with real world problems in a funny and yet sincere way. I don’t know why this movie got panned by the critics, it was well made, made me laugh consistently, and was very enjoyable.

Sandler and Barrymore have instant chemistry. So much so that I actually wonder how their significant others don’t worry about them being in another romantic comedy together!

And as awesome as Sandler and Barrymore are, the girls who play Sandler’s daughters do a damn fine job of stealing the show. His youngest is funny and cute and has several scenes that kept me laughing or made me wish my kids were little and sweet again. 2014_Saturday_Mov_Blended_3


And his oldest daughter plays her part with equal skill. You are routing for her to become the pretty butterfly and are happy for her when it finally happens.



There something in  Blended for everyone. It is funny, sweet, and well made. You can’t go wrong with  Blended for this Saturday’s Movie.


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