Saturday Movie – Land of the Lost (2009)

Today’s Saturday Movie is Land of the Lost. As always, Will Ferrell brings the laughs with his offbeat and witty humor.  Land of the Lost keeps the laughs coming nonstop as the beleaguered scientist (Will Ferrell) is propositioned by the beautiful Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel). She thinks that his offbeat theories might just be true. And that Show Tunes Are Great.


With Holly’s help they find Will Stanton (Danny McBride) and the three of them open a portal to the land of the lost where they find Chaca, and Chaca finds boobs. (Just watch it!)


In the Land of the Lost everything isn’t quite what it seems, but it is hilarious. And and movie that ends with Matt Lauer beign told to suck it has to rock.


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