SNAP = Sad

SNAP is sad, not because we have it, but that we need it.

The very same people who don’t want to raise minimum wage and enforce fair wages also want to make sure that the underprivileged starve. So lets assume we get rid of all food assistance, what happens then? Children and old people starving?

If you want to get people off food subsidies, then raise wages and create public sector jobs in the worst hit areas. I’d rather pay someone to paint buildings, mow grass, or pick up trash on the highways and pay them a living wage. That money is going to be spent in the community, create jobs, and help everyone.

I love the “cheep money” comments at the end of this. If you are wealthy and you have money or get money – it is your right. But if you are starving and need SNAP, you are worthless and only hungry because of your own failings. Not because we make sure that the only people seeing wealth increase is the top 1%.

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