Sporting Clays Feb 2nd

We had a foursome today for sporting clays.

Vaugh, Sean, Logan, and myself.

We tried the hard/expert course again, which is quite humbling. Fun, but humbling. Vaughn and I tied on the hard course with a 13 apiece. And then Vaughn took first and I took second place on the intermediate course, loosing by 1 clay for a tie, and 2 for a win. And Logan beat out Sean for 3rd place.

Sean breaking some clays:

My Sporting Clays History:

February 2, 2014 52/100
January 25, 2014 58/100
December 28, 2013 38/50
December 27, 2013 31/50
December 21, 2013 37/50
December 15, 2013 34/50
December 1, 2013 32/100

Today’s Scorecards:

Hard/Expert Course…

Intermediate Course…


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