Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 15

Episode  15,  Galvanize


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 15 kicks off with Scott’s dad at the hospital. Some big bad guy needs to having something done, and everyone is a bit nervous. He apparently murdered a bunch of teens in a school bus because their eyes were glowing GLOWING!!!!!

Back at the school Styles and Scott are sabotaging the coach’s office, rigging all the stuff on his walls to fall when he lifts his present off the desk.

When daylight breaks the twins approach Scott about joining his pack, but he refuses their offer to join up, not quite trusting them.

Back in surgery the crazy dude steals a scalpel and kills the surgeon as flies burst from his chest.

On story line three (or four, who knows) Peter and Derek have the fingertips from the female druid. (I think, I’m not actually sure.)

Back to the psycho story line and all the werewolves have gone hunting in the basement and apparently the psycho knows how to rig thing to explode so Styles pulls the fire alarm and gets caught. The psycho almost catches Kira in the library but coach finds her and pulls her earplugs out before she can get snatched up.

Kira’s dad invites Scott over for dinner, trying to fix Kira up. There is a very cute scene as Kira teaches him how to use chopsticks. Mmmmm sushi. And Kira has amazing reflexes. Although it doesn’t save her from the psycho.

She gets chained up and the psycho electrocutes her, but she seems to have some control over electricity. The last scene of her she has balls of blue light on her hands.

Then the very last scene of Issac is of him getting attacked by multiple black clothed ghost ninjas. We can here him being attacked, but then the episode ends.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Styles telling Scott he’s the “Hot girl everyone wants.” and the way Scott smiled. Just awesome.
  • Crazy dude and the flies exploding from his chest. Awesome special effects.
  • Lydia – “No way your coming back here with your cute little smile and your muscles, and we are ripping each others clothes off in the coaches office.” And then of course they are ripping each others close off, for at least a few moments.2014_TeenWolf_E15_Lydia2 2014_TeenWolf_E15_Lydia3
  • Kira and the way her dad tells her to keep her chin up. It was very touching.
  • Styles trying to tell his dad that Lydia can sense the psycho werewolf killer.2014_TeenWolf_E15_Lydia
  • Allison’s dad catching her in her bra and little skirt with Isaac. “In my office now. Were I keep my guns!”  I’m so glad I don’t have daughters.2014_TeenWolf_E15_AllisonBra
  • Styles with his baseball bat. You go Styles. Don’t leave your friends behind no matter what.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • My older boys went back to college. I had to watch Teen Wolf all by myself.
  • I like Kira, but I think Scott should be with Allison.

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