Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 17

Episode  17,  Silverfinger


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 17 starts with Mr. Argent telling how he first came across the demons when he was a young man making a gun buy in Japan. The demons tore apart the yakuza, leaving only a few people alive, including a mysterious man named “Silverfinger”.

Team Teen Wolf needs to find Silverfinger and find out what he knows and how he was able to fight the demons.

After what happened at the rave Kira knows that Scott is something else, and asks him to change. It was very sweet the way she touched his face and looked at him with nothing but acceptance. It made my little heart go pitter patter. (And I’m high on pain killers after hurting my back, so there is that too.)

Back at the Argent house Mr. Argent puts one of his rare weapons up for sale, knowing that Silverfinger will only let them visit if he has a reason to want to see them. At the buy Isaac is freaking out and Allison almost puts her hand down his pants and then kisses him. What a slut! (sorry, I’m still mad at her for breaking up with Scott.)2014_TeenWolf_S3_E17_AllisonSlut

And she puts Isaac’s hand on her butt so he can squeeze it. Have you no shame girl?2014_TeenWolf_S3_E17_AllisonSlutButtGrab

Meanwhile Scott has run off with Kira and is getting ready to lock themselves in his house, but he needs his mom to arm the supernatural security system, but she is at the hospital, watching over Styles. As she is watching over him, she looks up his mom’s medical records and realizes that he is suffering from the same symptoms that his mother had.

At the house Scott can’t quite figure out how to kiss Kira. Come on, just lay it on her man. And, nope, he doesn’t get any because his father interrupts them, confronting them with the image of them breaking into his office.

Isaac does delay Silverfinger’s guys almost long enough for Mr. Argent to talk to Silverfinger, but then Isaac ends up getting taken hostage by a bigger werewolf than him. Can none of teen wolf’s team ever win a fight? Really?

Just when I think Scott is going to tell his dad some lie to get out of trouble all hell breaks loose. The demosn invade, and even with a surprise visit from Derek it is not looking good, but Scott’s mom makes it home just in time to turn on the supernatural defense and lock the demons out. Yay for mom!

Unfortunately, when Mr. Argent get’s Silverfinger to talk, he tells them the demons can’t be defeated. Oh snap.

In Scott’s house the twins realize that Kira must be something supernatural, and Derek slaps them with not having seen it with their own eyes before. Then he really throws down the gauntlet, asking them if they want to be part of his pack so badly they would die for him.

And Silverfinger is not dropping any happy words either. He tells Mr. Argent that even if its his own daughter the demons have come to kill, he should let them, as they are trying to kill the one who is harboring the “dark spirit”.

And back in the house, the demons are testing the defenses, trying to break in, all while Scott’s dad is bleeding to death. And as he’s bleeding out he is telling Scott’s mom that he came back for a reason, but can’t get it out before she tells him to shush.

Then Scott plays badass, letting the demons scan them. Lucky for Scott and Kira neither of them are the vessel for whatever darkness the demons are hunting.

Which leaves us with Styles, who wakes up in the hospital and ends up surrounded by the demons. Then some really freaky sh*t happens and Styles punches one of them and pulls a firefly out of it before absorbing the rest of them. So does that make Styles the ultimate badass evil killer, or the ultimate evil?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Kira touching Scott’s face with nothing but love after he changed.2014_TeenWolf_S3_E17_KiraTouchingWolf
  • The twins – “It’s our first experience with demon ninjas. So….”
  • Styles calling Scott’s mom – Mom. OMG, I’m so emotional when I’m on pain killers!
  • Kira – “You had a vet put in your alarm system?”

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Styles thinking he is the one who betrayed Kira. I hope he is just going nuts and he imagined going back into the classroom and matching the writing.
  • Seeing Styles freaking out. I love Styles, don’t let him be the bad guy!

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