Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 18

Episode  18,  Riddled


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 18 starts off with a creepy late night call from Styles. Styles is stuck in the dark, his leg is hurt, and he’s crying. Scott is left feeling helpless and afraid and rallies the troops to go find Styles. Styles calls back and tells Scott in an ubber creepy whisper that he is being quiet because he thinks someone is in the basement with him.

Back at Kira’s house something weird is going on. She blows her lightbulb out and then briefly sucks the electricity out of another.2014_TW_S3_E18_Lighbulb

When Styles uses his phone’s light to look at his foot in the darkness he realizes he’s in a bear trap and he can hear something moving just out of earshot. Then he get’s just a brief creepy view of his jailer, who drops a piece of chalk on the ground.2014_TW_ScottBearTrap

The team tells the Sheriff and they end up a the hospital, which would have made perfect sense, since that was the last place we saw him. Derek shows up at the hospital and we get a glimpse of what might be Style’s insanity. There is a scent on the roof, and it is all Styles.2014_TW_S3_E18_StylesStruggle

Back in Style’s room, Lydia gets some of her psychic vibe going and then realizes that Styles must be at the insane asylum that his mother was at before she died. And then poor Styles gets another visit from his jailer who drops some major head f*cking. The thing in the basement keeps telling Styles “we”. OMG, the thing in the dark is creepy. Even if it keeps telling Styles “We’re trying to save your life.”

The Sheriff and team wolf get to the basement of the asylum but Styles isn’t there.

Then we cut away to Scott’s dad and his mother talking about how maybe Style’s is actually still asleep, stuck in a nightmare. (And he was right.)

Isaac ends up at Allison’s house and she’s been sleeping – right through everything that has been happening. Which leads her to check her phone. Its been off, but when she turns it on she gets a strange voice mail with strange Japanese sounding dialogue on it.

Then Derek and one of the twins is talking and the twin triggers a few strange statements from Derek. Why would the evil spirit go after Styles, he’s so weak. Derek says the demon would go after one of the stronger entities around.2014_TW_S3_E18_DerekSomeoneBigger

Derek then ends up at the school, and asks Kira to show him exactly what happened at the power station. Derek wants Kira to tell him everything she knows about “Fox Fire”.

Allison and Isaac go to Kira’s dad with her phone and has him translate the strange message. It was someone telling Japanese prisoners to stay away from the fences at a WWII internment camp.

Okay, so then things are all over the place. Derek has a theory that the demon used Kira to supercharge itself and power up inside Styles. Somehow Scott and Derek talk and realize that Styles has been trying to protect everyone around them from the demon inside him, and they go to the roof of the hospital to find a bag of tools and an electrical cable that has been partially cut.

In the MRI room the doctor shows the Sheriff and Scott’s mom an image of his brain, pointing out two areas of atrophy. While this is going on Styles is locked in his head, talking to the creepy jailer. The jailer will let everyone go if Style’s can answer the riddle.

And oh no, Styles isn’t able to answer the riddle, and the jailer takes over, stealing Styles body from him. There is some link between Kira’s family and the demon thing. Her mom has the firefly demons at her back.2014_TW_S3_E18_Challange

The last thing we see is Kira standing outside the hospital, the broken electrical cable falling down on top of her.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Lydia – “If you’re thinking of nude modeling, it’s usually done without the pants.”
  • Tweet about Scott’s dad helping Styles.2014_TeenwolfTweet
  • Holy crap does Styles have some wicked scary dreams.
  • Scott telling Styles that if he has his mother’s dementia he’ll do something. The bro love between them is very touching. I wonder if that means Scott would turn him? Or look for some super natural healing?2014_TW_S3_E18_ScottStylesHug

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Styles being alone and in pain, and possibly being a nut ball. He better not be the bad guy!
  • Who the hell let Isaac into Allison’s house and lets him up into her room?

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