Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 19

Episode  19,  Letharia Vulpira


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 19 kicks off with a surprise twist. The vet has been called to a crazy Japanese man’s house where there is a “sick” wolf. Yuki, the beloved wolf has been poisoned after eating moss. The crazy Japanese guy is waving his gun around, but his men won’t quite do as they are told, leaving him to do it himself. In their defense, the garden is pretty dam creepy, and turns out to be the place where the good demons originally fought the bad demon now in styles. The vet takes a sample of the Letharia Vulpira from the fountain. The vet is going to use the lichen to poison the bad demon inside Styles.2014_TW_S3_E19_Lichen2

Back at the  high school Isaac gets fried but Kira uses her affinity for electricity to save the day and remove the electrical line before anyone else gets hurt. And that is after she does some bad ass ninja shit over a car.2014_TW_S3_E19_KiraElectric

Isaac is in the hospital, apparently electric shocks stall wolf healing?

Everyone realizes that Styles is on the loose, and Kira tells Scott that the bad demon is a trickster, but can react very badly if it feels its been slighted. Right after Kira tells Scott whatever has Styles is a trickster they hear an emitter and run to the basement, straight to Styles.

The twins are ready to attack Styles but Scott stops them with an alpha roar. Styles seems like he is himself again, but he can’t remember what happened and he has a bag full of stuff like saws, wire, and hospital blueprints. Style’s points out that he marked up the map where the crazy dude put all the steel jaw traps out and likely moved them to where the track team runs. We then get a nice view of Kira sprinting through the woods. Not as cute as Allison, but still up there.

And then we find out who the bad guy demon might be after. It’s mad at Mr. Argent for the part he played in its death years ago.

Just when we think that Scott & team saved everyone from steel jaw traps coach triggers a crossbow bolt that shoots into his gut. Styles has been a very bad boy.

First a crossbow trap, and then a present bomb on a school bus. Even if Style’s get an exorcism, how is he not going to jail for all this?

As the school deal with style’s bomb Lydia and Allison are dealing with Peter. Apparently Peter might be a daddy?

Meanwhile in the school Kira’s mom and dad break several daggers, apparently making more of the good demons.

Outside they discover there isn’t a bomb on a bus, but there just might be one in the police station, exactly where the bad demon had Mr. Argent taken. That was a nice touch.

Back at Peter’s house Lydia refuses to tell Peter anything more about his baby and Lydia gives him a parting shot on the way out.

Scott, Styles, and Kira meanwhile are running from the “good” demons. The ones that Kira’s mom has unleashed. The demons catch up to them outside the clinic and Kira turns into a bad ass ninja again, but not soon enough to keep Scott from getting run through.

Just when Kira is about to pull the blade free Styles knocks Kira out so he can torture Scott, twisting the blade in his guts as he eats the pain that Scott has been trying to keep from the people around him. God damn, Styles does the bad guy thing too well. 2014_TW_S3_E19_TwistingtheBlade

Thankfully Doc Deaton shows up just in time to poison Styles’ demon with the lichen, and then the episode is over. Doh!!! I want more.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Allison – “He doesn’t have any family.” Scott’s mom – “He’s got us.” Then she lets them in to see Isaac.
  • Lydia’s mom being so happy that she’s still got it.
  • Mr. Argent & Derek talking about Styles.2014_TW_S3_E19_StylesSmart

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Styles being the bad guy.
  • When they find the bomb on the bus they didn’t back the kids up nearly far enough.
  • Why didn’t anyone put Style’s in a pair of handcuffs and a cell to make sure he doesn’t escape and do more harm?

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