Teen Wolf Season 3 – Episode 22

Episode  22,  De-Void


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

De-Void starts with a tense stand off between Styles’ dad and Mr. Argent. It’s all a setup up though with evil Styles using team teen wolf to protect him when the Oni show up.

Some strange crap happens and Kira’s mom end sup being disarmed by evil Styles, only to have him gut himself with her last blade, releasing a horde of evil flies. One of which goes into Isaac via his IV (he’s in a hospital bed).

Scott meanwhile has taken Kira back to his house to “spend the night” because she doesn’t want to go home yet. He was going to sleep in the chair, but Kira has to tell him three times that she doesn’t want him to sleep in the chair.

In a parallel bedroom Isaac slips into Allison’s room. Of course they start kissing, and I don’t know if Isaac is himself, or something darker after the fly crawled into him.

Evil fly infection #2 – one flies into Derek’s open sword wound he got when he was fighting the Oni.

Evil fly infection #3 – one of the twins has a fly enter him through his eyeball. Gross.

Evil fly infection #4 – the other twin is driving around with Lydia who gets pulled to Styles who is lying in a parking lot. When they get out to look at his body one of the flies enters him through his ear. Not as gross as the eye.

Dr. Deaton paralyzes Styles but everyone is still dancing to Evil Styles’s tune. While the others plot about how to deal with Evil Styles Scott’s mom falls for a few tears and Evil Styles lays some heavy guilt trip on her. Apparently she has some dark secret in the past, or at least something she feels ashamed of.



Team teen wolf trusts Peter, and they use Scott to enter Styles’ mind only to find themselves trapped inside. Lydia encourages Scott to use his mental/physical strength to break free, and he is able to get out of the restraints holding him to the bed. But it doesn’t help Lydia or Scott for long. As soon as he tries to lead her out of the room the door slams shut and Lydia is left behind, seeing bits and pieces of images that Styles has of her before meeting the toothy nightmare thing.

On the other side of the door Scott is kissing a memory Allison who is encouraging him to be quiet, to ignore the other sounds. While Scott is being played Lydia is suffering, her real body bleeding as the toothy thing closes on her. Peter just manages to save her, screaming at her and using his wolf powers to tell her to fight it.

Scott escapes just in time, realizing that he was being “delayed” by a memory Allison. The two of them escape into a large white room to find Toothy Creepy thing and Styles playing a game of Go on a large stump.

While Lydia and Scott are exploring Styles’s brain Kira and Allison are trying to keep the twins and Isaac from killing each other.

Inside Styles Scott is able to use his wolf roar to break Styles away from the game of go for just a moment, which also breaks the control the flies have over the others. For how long we don’t know.2014_TW_S3_E22_Roar 2014_TW_S3_E22_Roar2 2014_TW_S3_E22_Roar32014_TWD_GlennMaggie_4

Apparently Peter was helping Lydia only if she will tell Peter who is daughter is.

Styles meantime does appear to be free after vomiting up the Evil thingy in an awesome display of vomitous. Only once the thing takes shape it is Styles under all the bandages. What the hell is going on? Who is the good Styles?

Evil fly deeds –

Isaac chains Allison to the bed and takes her weapons, intent on killing the twins.

Derek goes to the Argent house with his mothers claws, and is very angry, attacking Mr. Argent and tying him to a chair before he pours lighter fluid over him and waves a lighter in front of him.

The twins are driven to fight each other only to have Isaac taze them with the weapons he stole from Allison’s room.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Kira having to tell Scott three times she doesn’t want him to sleep in the chair.
  • To Lydia – “Four rights make a circle.”
  • Mr. Argent breaking free of his bonds and getting a gun to Derek’s head. (Of course Derek “loses” the fight, he loses every fight.)

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Isaac spending the night in Allison’s room. She shouldn’t be porking anyone but Scott.

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