Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 10

Episode  10, Monstrous

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3.

Sorry for the late posting of episode 10 – I was on vacation last week.

Episode 10 kicks off with two supers running for the lives from hunters only to find themselves in the middle of the football field when the lights come on. Laser tracers center on the young man and he tries to tell his girl to shut her eyes (not sure if she is a super too) and then just as the bolts are incoming Kira shows up to cut some arrows out the air.

We then cut to a very touching scene of Scott talking to the new kid. The newbee wants to know how Scott does it. How he tries to protect everyone and how Scott and his friends are still alive. Scott tells him that not everyone is still alive. When he does get to Kira there is a very touching reunion and then she takes him to where she is hiding a bunch of other supers. Scott takes them to Mr. Argent’s warehouse. But they are afraid the hunters are already tracking them and they all start to prepare – thinking that hunters are coming for them. Scott calls Derek, who gives a rousing speech about making sure anyone who is hunting them pays a dear price. When night does fall, the hunters come in blazing and things get messy real quick.

While all this is going on Meredith is being held at the police station, but they can’t make her talk or figure out if/how she is the bad guy. When they finally give Lydia a crack at her Meredith start talking, but says she really only wants to explain things to one person – Peter Hale. When they bring him, Meredith touches his face and says “the burns, they are all gone.” Peter looses it when Meredith starts talking and throws the deputy aside before grabbing her by the throat. For a split second you think he killed her, but when they cut back to the interrogation room Peter and Meredith are in some kind of bonded trance. Meredith can remember that they were in the hospital years ago when they were both “comatose”. She heard all of Peter’s anger and then his designs for revenge. He wants to kill all the supers. And Meredith heard all his plans. The mystery is whether he consciously knows he did it, or someone triggered plans he had from years before? Sheriff Stilinski almost puts a bullet in Peter’s head but Lydia convinces him not to do it – she thinks that it might have been the purpose that Meredith brought Peter in for.

At the hospital Stiles is being held to rule out a concussion and there is a super sweet re-union when Malia shows up to see if he is okay. They hug, then they listen to the tape that Stiles had of Lydia’s grandmother just before she died. They somehow figure out there must be something in the study at the lake house that can stop the dead pool predictions from continuing. At the lake house Stiles & Malia listen the record player, but can’t figure out what it means – until they turn it off and Malia can still hear the noise. Stiles grabs power cord from the wall and uses it to open the wall to reveal massive banks of computers that appear to be running the dead pool. Through some craziness they find a key and Stiles shuts down the computer – which shuts down all the contracts.

Stiles & Malia shutting down the servers saves the supers at the Argent warehouse just in time before Scott is forced to kill.

At the end of the episode Peter & Allison are in the sewers and apparently everything that Peter has been planning is coming to fruition. He wants to be the alpha, which means Scott has to die.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Stiles not wanting another CT of the head because his dad didn’t pay for the first one. It is sad and sweet at the same time.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • What the hell is the flower thing that Mr. Argent took? I hate it when there is a twist with no explanation.

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