Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 5

Episode  5, I.E.D.

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3.

They are well worth seeing.

Episode 5 kicks off with a cute blonde running from one of the bounty hunters, her left hand cut off by her red hot garrote. The poor girl thinks she’s made it free only to be tricked into garrote girl’s boyfriends jeep where he quickly stabs and kills her.

Meanwhile Stiles is piecing together all the kills in town for his dad and then explains the deadpool to his father while poor Lydia is left to try and figure out the password that will unlock the rest of the names on the deadpool list. Poor Sheriff Stilinski is forced to realize he is in a world full of supernatural creatures and people who want to kill them. Stiles, Scott, and Sheriff Stilinski  hit on the fact that whoever ordered the keg is likely one of the hitters. Scott tells the Sheriff that when all the hits are done the payout is going to add up to the $117 million that was stolen from the Hale vault. I would think that it would tie back to the Hales somehow wouldn’t you? I would go get Peter and pull out his fingernails until he told me who was coming after everyone.

For some reason, Scott has let Liam go about un-attended and the kid almost lets a “normal” see his strength.  Then Derek and Scott confront Liam for no apparent reason other than to show him they are stronger than him? Then Scott whines that he was hoping to concentrate on school, versus saving his loved ones and the town.

Back in class Stiles is looking through some crime scene photos (who hasn’t done that in a high-school class?) and the coach is ranting about the schools equipment, but it does trigger a realization as Stiles is looking at the wounds one one of the bodies and realizes one of the kills was made by someone with a lacrosse stick – and then makes the jump to say one of the hitters is on the lacrosse team.

The two hitters have wolfsbane and discuss whether hitting Scott or the beta during the game is the better idea.  The male hitter doesn’t want to go after Scott. He knows a pack of alphas went after Scott and failed. He doesn’t want to go after Scott yet, he wants to go after the “safer” beta kill.

And while all this is going on Liam’s old prep school team comes to town for the scrimmage which causes Liam to almost take some heads – but leads to a positive outcome because when Scott and Stiles let him up from the cool shower they are using to chill him out Liam gives them a bit of information about who paid for the keg.

At game time Kira is a little nervous. It’s her first game, and they think they know who the killer on their team is. Just as Stiles is begging his dad to make it to the game the other Banshee shows up after one of the cops picks her up walking into town. The Sheriff pulls Lydia in to talk to Meredith but the girl is a little scrambled and Lydia is stressed. The end result is a bit of tension and not a lot of progress. At least until Malia hits on the relationship between what they thought was a phone number and how the numbers might relate to the letters. This unlocks the next bit of the puzzle and team wolf realizes the hitters are after the captain on the other side of the team.

At the field Liam confronts his friend, who is looking at his old arch rival with something more than the dislike Liam would have hoped for.2014_TW_S4_E5_HotGuy_12014_TW_S4_E5_HotGuy_22014_TW_S4_E5_HotGuy_32014_TW_S4_E5_HotGuy_4 Once the game starts the visitors take a quick lead and almost push Liam over the edge. Kira then gets a shot at the ball and ends up getting a score, but is pulled from the game for not passing.

Back at the Argent house the group of hunters who promised to come after Scott if he killed anyone have infiltrated the house and Mr. Argent ends up gun to gun with one of the other group’s hunters. In Mexico its just a standoff. I’m not sure what the hunters are up to, but they make a big deal out of reminding Mr. Argent what a hunter is supposed to do. I guess he might be a “bad” guy again soon.

Once Scott realizes the hitters are after the captain of the other team he gets there just in time to get the thermal garrote put around his own neck – but he’s too strong and he’s able to keep it from taking his head. Scott finally won a fight. It was a huge relief. I’m so sick of seeing Scott’s team get their butts kicked.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Stiles looking through pictures of dead bodies in class. And getting away with it.
  • Stiles “I’m just going to try and play lacrosse.” – When Scott and Kira split up their overwatch duties. One of them to watch Liam, the other to watch the hitter on their own team.
  • Scott finally wins a fight and looked awesome doing it. No thermal wire will be taking his head off!
  • What is the young deputy? He’s on the list, so he must be a super. And I think he ends up being Lydia’s next BF.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why would Scott leave Liam unattended in school? It doesn’t make sense.
  • I.E.D  = Intermittent explosive disorder. Really?
  • Not enough Malia this episode.

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