Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 7

Episode  7, Weaponized

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3.

They are well worth seeing.

Episode 7 starts with a strange man in a lab listening to one of the “kill tapes”. While this is going on Scott & Stiles are struggling about what to do with the half million they recovered.

The next day is the SAT exam and Malia, Scott & Stiles are freaking out over taking the test. Lucky for them something infectious is spreading through the students and the CDC interupts the test after one of the teacher finds the coach and one of the girls both with rashes (which said teacher immediately jumps to the conclusion that she needs high level quarantine.)

As the episode progresses we find out that the virus in the school has already killed another pack of wolves, and it looks like Scott is already suffering. (It must also infect humans unless the coach is a wolf now?)2014_TW_S4_E7_ScottInfected

As the infection progresses Scott and Malia are starting to lose their ability to control their powers. Malia’s claws are out and Scott is having trouble controlling his eyes while Kira is having neurological issues. To hide from the humans Team Wolf looks for a second way to get into the Hale Vault under the school.

Meanwhile Dr. Deaton has been presented with one of the pack who was infected earlier and he tries to save it by taking it to the hospital, but it doesn’t make it and Dr. Deaton performs an autopsy on the body only to find out that if he is right about what he thinks it is all the wolves are going to die, and there isn’t anything he can do about it. Right up until the point where “random chance” shows the way to cure the disease.

Just when the Virus Man (exam proctor) is found out by Stiles the humans get better but all the wolves are going blind and suffering. The Virus Man has Stiles at gunpoint and wants him to give up his friends but Scott’s dad saves the day with a well placed head shot that kills Virus Man. Scott’s dad has come in to tell Scott that the antidote is in the vault on a shelf. (Derek’s mom had put some there. Yay for happy chance.)

The episode ends with Malia realizing that she is a Hale and that Stiles was keeping the information from her. Which sucks because I really like their love story. They better get back together, and soon.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Scott – “If I survive I’d like to go to college. A good college.” When they are all freaking out over taking the SATS.
  • Malia & Stiles. They better make it. Their love story is the best part of Season 4.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Scott & Stile’s dads are way to relaxed given that their kids are in a CDC lock down.
  • What are the odds that the old woman and Derek bring up the life saving tea right when they need an antidote?
  • Apparently breathing in spores is about the same as making tea from the magic curative plant.

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