Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 8

Episode  8, Time Of Death

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3.

They are all well worth watching.

Episode 8 kicks off right where 7 left off. Malia is still pissed at Stiles. She knows she’s a Hale now, and she blames Stiles for not telling her sooner. Now that she knows she goes to the vault and pokes around, trying to find out more about her heritage. While poking around in the vault she gets caught by Peter, who laments that he needs a better safe.

At the station Scott’s dad is suffering, trying to deal with the fact that he killed a man to sav Stiles. The last thing he says to Scott before he leaves to go explain his officer involved shooting is that he can tell something is up. Scott and his friends are reacting to all the weird crap in town with too much ease. Wolf Dad wants to know why that is.

In order to lure in the Benefactor Scott has to play dead. They take him down and fake his death, but they only have forty five minutes to lure in the Benefactor before he’ll be dead for real. When Scott “wakes” up in his dream he is inside a morgue that turns into a locker in the high school.

Back at the Hale house Derek’s secret is out – he’s not healing. Someone has stolen his wolf powers.2014_TW_S4_E8_DerekWeak

After a bit of “training” Derek and the hunter chick get it on.

At the hospital Stiles & team have set up monitors but the roof unit goes out and Kira volunteers to go up and check with the new kid. Once on the roof one of the Berserker zombie/bone monsters is there to kick the snot out of them.

Downstairs Stiles is freaking out because he can’t get any of his team on the phone. As he’s freaking out Mr. Argent comes flying through the door and tells Stiles to run. Before Stiles can do anything though – Kate Argent comes in. Is Kate the Benefactor? Or is she there for some other reason? She says she’s not the Benefactor, but then why does she want Scott’s body? Is she a freak? Mr. Argent begs her to go, to leave and let them try and finish their plan.

In the Lydia story her mom confronts her about how much time she’s been spending at their lake house, and we find out that Lydia’s grandmother was in the nut house and was a banshee as well. And there is something strange about her grandmothers ashes, and the pool house itself. It is all built out of ash wood?

At the very end of the episode Malia comes back to talk to Stiles for a heart to heart but she is convinced she might be a bad person. Stiles does his best to convince her otherwise, but I’m not sure how effective he was.

When Kate climbs down into the sewer Peter is there, and he tells her “thank god,” that Scott is not dead.  So is Peter the Benefactor? Or does he need Scott alive for some other reason? Is Scott his path to becoming an alpha again?2014_TW_S4_E8_PeterKate

At the very end of the episode Lydia asks her mom if she is sure that her grandmother is dead, and her mom isn’t really sure. This syncs perfectly with Scott saying “Who wouldn’t need visual confirmation that someone was dead – a banshee.”

So maybe we do know who the Benefactor is now. Lydia’s Grandma.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Malia telling Peter she can take him.  Then he punches a concrete wall and she hands the file to him. (So did Peter steal Derek’s powers? Where did he get his strength?)2014_TW_S4_E8_Peter
  • Mr. Argent fights back against Kate. He doesn’t want to let anything happen to Scott.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Stile’s was only dreaming that Malia was in bed with him. I so want them to make it.
  • Scott’s mom screaming when she thinks Scott is dead. Didn’t they tell her what they were going to do? That could kill a single mom. (Thankfully – they did tell her.)
  • I hate the dream crazy sequences. I wish the writers understood that twisting up the story doesn’t make it better.

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