The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 10)

Episode 10, Inmates


Episode ten, Inmates, starts off with Beth running through the forest with walkers all about. Luckily she’s with Daryl, who saves her butt. Later that night they have a fire going and Beth wants Daryl to help her find some of the others, but Daryl is just sitting, staring at the fire. Of course when Beth stomps off he follows her. (Good Guy Daryl)

Beth and Daryl find some more bodies, but it’s not really clear who they found.

Tyrese, Judith, and the two little girls are alive! And OMG, they are forced to walk through the night because the baby is attracting walkers.

And the two little girls with Tyrese are freaks. I think that Lizzie is a serial killer. There is something about that kid that scars the crap out of me. And why the hell would you give Mika the gun unless you thought that Lizzie was a threat? Which she clearly is.

Tyrese and the girls get in a bad way, and the girls end up getting rescued by Carol just before Lizzie really shows what a psycho she is. And I think that Carol has made her into whatever she is.

Tyrese, Carol, and the girls take the tracks and find a sign saying there is safety at “Terminus”. They head off in that direction and the action cuts over to Maggie.

Maggie, Sasha, and the recovering drunk (I forget his name) go out looking for Glenn and the bus. They find it on the road, but its full of walkers. The three of them take the walkers in the bus one at a time. Maggie has to know if Glenn is dead.

After Maggie clears the bus we find that Glenn is alive and stuck at the prison. Walkers are everywhere, and poor Glenn has to go through some dark and scary bits of the prison with nothing but a lantern. He makes it back to their old cell block and finds his set of riot gear. He puts on his riot gear, gathers some supplies, and makes an awesome break through the zombies. I wish they had made the scene a bit longer and had him fighting a little harder though.

Then, just before Glenn is about to get out he sees one other survivor. The lesbian sister of the Governor’s squeeze. (I forget her name too-sorry). Okay, then I just found it online – Tara. Glenn saves her and she give him the bad news that Hershel is dead. The look on his face was tragic.

The final scene is of a new group of players who pull up as Tara is saving Glenn from his post flu fatigue, bashing in a zombies head. Then we are lefts hanging for next week.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Daryl being who he is and going after Beth. She wouldn’t stand a chance without him.
  • The wings on Daryl’s vest. I never really noticed them before. Daryl the avenging angel, it all fits now.2014_TWD_DarylAngel
  • Judith is alive! And she pooped herself.
  • Maggie is alive!
  • Maggie’s love for Glenn. She has to know if he’s in the bus.
  • Lots of awesome fighting and zombie kills in this episode.
  • Glenn is alive!
  • The first thing Glenn does is call for Maggie when he comes too.
  • Glenn fighting his way clear in riot gear.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The way Beth just steps over walkers on the ground. For all she knows they weren’t completely dead. Maybe it was just a flesh wound.
  • Lizzie suffocating Judith. She has such a crazy look in her eyes. Totally creeped me out.
  • There is no way Glenn would have made it out when the walkers were all around him. Not unless he cut loose with his rifle.

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