The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episode 9)

Episode 9, After


Episode nine, After, starts right where the mid season finale left off. The prison has been overrun and walkers are everywhere.

Michonne is on the outskirts, looking in, and makes a run to the fence to get some rope so she can make herself another set of leashed walkers. Does this mean she’s on her own again?

Rick looks like crap, and Carl seems like he is on the verge of leaving him behind. Rick has to scream at him to keep him from walking off without him. What the hell is up with that Carl? Rick and Carl find a small store and get some supplies, and a little while later Michonne finds their tracks, but decides to head off into the woods. I guess she really is on her own again.

The relationship between Carl and Rick is really strained. Rick is scared to death Carl might screw up and get bit, and Carl is just pissed. I’m not sure why he throws up Shane in his dad’s face. Does he think that Shane would have been a better choice to survive the apocalypse with?

Then it cuts to Michonne having some kind of flashback that is merging the past and the present, giving us some back story on why she is such hard ass.

Back in the house Carl starts to freak out because Rick won’t wake up. And his screaming has brought walks to the front door. Carl always brings the stupid. He slips out the side of the house and draws the two walkers at the door away, only to back up into another walker. He ends up using up a lot of rounds to kill three walkers that end up piling up on top of him after he falls.

Michonne meanwhile is in the midst of a walker herd, walking to who knows where.

When Carl gets back to the house he freaks out on Rick, who is still unconscious, telling his father that he couldn’t protect any of them. He’s mad that Rick hid in the prison instead of going out after the Governor. His last cruel statement is to tell his unconscious dad that he’d be fine if he died. Is Carl every not going to be a little smuck? I doubt it.

Carl thinks most of the town is empty after he does his shooting and no walkers show up and ends up going scrounging for food.  He finds a house with a kitchen wish some supplies and ends up going upstairs, but I have no idea why. If you got food why wouldn’t you just take it and leave. Instead of almost getting eaten.

Michonne loses it shortly after, killing the small herd she is with, and then her two captive walkers as well. I think as much as she thinks of herself as a lone wolf, she misses the group.  Hopefully her psychotic moment will lead her to go looking for other survivors again. And viola, she goes back to the tracks she spotted earlier.

Rick and Carl end up on the floor talking about surviving and being safe if he goes out scavenging, and Carl admits he found more food, but he ate it, all 112 oz of pudding. And that is when Michonne comes strolling up the street and finds the empty pudding container in front of the house. She’s so happy that she’s found others that she is crying.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carl – “I win.” After he survives his tripping walker kill experience.
  • Carl trying to break down a door and not even making it budge.
  • Michonne going into blender mode.
  • The final scene where Carl tell’s Rick he doesn’t want him to die.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Did you really need to show us Hershel’s zombie head? We all loved Hershel.
  • Carl being a complete d*ck to Rick. Come on kid, your dad has never done anything but try and keep you safe.
  • Walker eating a gallon of pudding as the walker reaches out from the window.
  • Michonne breaking down when she’s talking about Mike.

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