The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 1)

Episode 1, No Sanctuary


The episode kicks off with two of the terminus people having a flash back where it appears they are questioning their methods. Back in the now Team Rick is working on a hodge podge of makeshift weapons but they never get to use them. Team Terminus drops a flash bang and maybe a gas grenade into the box car and next thing you know Team Rick is down for the count.

When Rick half wakes up he is being pulled by his armpits into a warehouse and positioned over a steel basin. Around them bodies are being cut up and who knows what else.

After a few practice swings the Team Terminus butchers nail people with a bat and then cut their throats so they can collect the blood. (Note to blood collectors, you will get more if you hang people upside down first.)

Team Terminus kills four men before they pause to chat. They want to know what Rick did with the bag and where he hid it. Rick spills the contents of what is in the bag to buy a few seconds of life. The bad guy mentions that they need to get them on the dryers soon so they can be back to “clean mode” or something like it.

Just before Glenn is about to get his head bashed in and his throat cut somebody starts shooting and then the building shakes.2014_TWD_S5_GlennBaseball

When we come back from the commercial Carol, the baby, and Tyreese are on the tracks and a hoard of the undead hear the gunfire from when Team Rick was being herded. This pulls the horde to Terminus. Someone from Team Terminus is setting up fireworks when Carol and Tyreese find him talking about bleeding members of Team Rick. Lucky for Team Rick that Carol still gives a shit about them after Rick forced her out.

Carol saves the day by blowing a gas cylinder, which is what saved Glenn from getting drained. The fence is now down and a horde is on its way into Terminus. While the Team Terminus butchers are deciding whether they should go help because of the gunfire Rick finally decides to use his big wooden sliver to deal some justice.

While this is going on the horde is moving into Terminus and Carol is working her way in with them. She takes a few well placed shots to take out snipers to keep the horde moving. Inside Team Rick discovers the meat locker. Team Terminus is all about cannibalism apparently.2014_TWD_S5_MeatLocker

Team Rick is trapped outside as the Terminus skirmish line move past. Rick downs one, grabs an AK and takes down six or seven from Team Terminus. And now Team Rick as some weapons.

Meanwhile Carol is caught by one of the females from Team Terminus, right after she walked through the depressing room of dead peoples stuff. Which was actually quite well done. Carol and the woman from Team Terminus scuffle and then Carol kneecaps the woman to get her to talk.

Back in the cabin Tyreese takes his eyes off his prisoner for a half second when the walkers show up and is forced to give up his weapons and leave the cabin or his prisoner will snap Little Asskickers neck. Outside the cabin the walkers quiet down and then Tyreese comes flying through the door before lifting his ex-prisoner of his feet and taking him down before beating him to death while screaming that he won’t.

Inside the camp Team Rick rescues the rest of the people in the box car and they flee over the fence and back into the woods. Rick wants to go back and kill everyone left from Team Terminus but the rest of the team wants to run. As they are talking Carol walks up which results in a huge hug from Daryl. Very shortly there are multiple happy reunions. Rick and Carl get Judith and Tyreese is reunited with his sister.

There is a brief moment of peace and happiness and then they decide to move out. Once again Team Rick is back on the tracks.

Then as a teaser they show Morgan walking through the woods. Possibly tracking Rick.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Carol coming back to kick some ass and save the day. (Even though I said I would have killed her when Rick forced her out last season.)
  • Rick killing the butchers with a giant splinter.
  • Team Rick killing zombies when they come out of the meat locker. They kick some ass.
  • Carol shooting her prisoner in the leg to get her to talk. She then opens the door and lets the walkers in. You go Carol. There is no mercy during the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Carol walking through the “loot” room where she finds all the things from the people that Team Terminus has killed. It was subtle but well done. 2014_TWD_S5_CarolWarehouse

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Team Rick being saved by luck. Come on, I wanted to see Rick stick his little sliver of wood into someone’s eye.
  • Tyreese listening to his Terminus prisoner talk crap to him. Come on Tyreese, break the dudes neck.
  • I felt like the whole cannibalism thing was just an easy out. Come one, you could have come up with something better than that. 2014_TWD_S5_BBQ

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