The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 6)

Episode 6, Consumed


Episode 6 starts off with a flashback of Carol surviving after Rick forced her out in season 4 then switches back to her and Daryl in the car, chasing after the car that took Beth. The car stops for some unknown reason. When it starts again Daryl wants to follow but they are out of gas and they end up running for a bolt hole Carol knows about to hold up for the night. It ends up being the half way house for abused woman. 2014_TWD_S5_E6_Bunks

During the night they see several walkers trapped behind glass and the next day Daryl takes care of them before Carol can wake up – and gives them a burial by fire so that Carol wouldn’t have to see the walker kid. Daryl is such a good guy.

They move quick and quiet through the city, trying to find some high ground they can get a good view from while not drawing every walker in the city to them. Daryl uses fire to distract the infected and they sneak into a parking garage to reach a taller building. As they creep by infected and  a camp site we keep seeing glimpses of the cop tracking them. Or at least I think its the cop.

Once they reach an office they see something out the window. I think it was a van with the same symbol as the car, but I’m not sure. As they are moving out the kid that Beth saved grabs Carol’s gun and tells Daryl to put down his crossbow. As the kid is leaving Carol draws on him with a revolver but Daryl keeps her from shooting the kid.

After they get out of the office building they find their way to the van so they can see if they can find something about where Beth might have been taken. Going to the van might have been a bad idea though. The walkers have them surrounded and they are half hanging off an overpass.2014_TWD_S5_E6_Van_1

This is where it got a little ridiculous with Daryl and Carol taking a ride off the overpass in the van.

At least they know where Beth was taken now. They head to the hospital and scope it out only to find the kid that took their weapons. They both think the other followed them there. But finally the kid mentions Beth and they decide to flee, except that when they try to flee the hospital cops hit Carol and take her.

The episode ends with the kid telling Daryl that it is going to take a lot to get Carol & Beth back. The people at the hospital have guns and resources. Daryl tells him, “So do we.”

Things I loved about this episode…

  • I actually jumped when the walker hit the window when Daryl and Carol were talking.
  • I love the fact that Daryl & Carol are the focus. They are two of my favorite characters.
  • Wiggle wiggle – infected in sleeping bags and tents. For some reason I really liked that.
  • The walkers that fell on top of the van after the van fell off the overpass.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Where do they get the never ending supply of flashlight batteries? They always seem to have working flashlights.
  • Poor Carol having to see the kids walkers behind the glass.
  • There is no way you fall off an overpass in a van and walk away.  And at least this guy agrees with me.2014_TWD_S5_E6_Van_2
  • My car barely starts when I don’t start it for a weekend and yet the van Daryl flees in at the end of the episode apparently started up without an issue.

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