The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 8)

Episode 8, Coda


Coda starts off with a bang when Rick runs down the cop who bashed Sasha, first hitting him with a cruiser and then putting him out of his misery.

The story jumps from there back to the pastor, who like a moron, left the church and led a horde of undead back after him. And I think johnlockintensifies from tumblir captured my thoughts exactly. 2014_TWD_S5_E8_Pastor Idiot

Carl and Michonne let the Pastor into the church, then flee out the hole he cut through the floor and barricaded the walkers into the church. Doh, should have let him die.

Just when we think Carl, Michonne and the Pastor are screwed Team Eugene shows up to close the church door with the front of the fire engine. There are hugs when Maggie finds out that Beth is alive, and no surprise at all when Glenn tells Michonne that Eugene was lying about having a cure. 2014_TWD_S5_E8_EugeneLied

In the prison the cops are getting more violent, and Beth keeps drawing more ire, especially from the one male cop. Dawn confronts Beth about what happened in the office and Dawn tells Beth she has saved her twice now, but I’m not really sure what Dawn wants. As she is confronting Beth one of the other cops overhears and tells Dawn that she is going to rat her out. And it turns out that Dawn is maybe a good guy? She is angry that the other cops were raping the girl who committed suicide. The cop who overheard gets the drop on Dawn but with Beth’s help he ends up falling down the elevator shaft. Afterwards Dawn tries to bond with Beth but it doesn’t turn out like Dawn expected. Beth seems to have her number, although I do think its dumb of Beth to tell Dawn she thinks everyone is trying to use everyone else. Doesn’t that ruin an advantage she may have had?

Shortly after we cut to the outside and Rick walks out and stops a patrol car so he can talk to them and make his proposal.

The last ten minutes opens with the cops and Team Rick about to make the trade. Does it go bad? Rumor has it someone from Team Rick dies during the mid season finale. I hope that is bull crap.

They exchange one for one, then as Beth is being swapped we think everything is green until Dawn asks for Noah. She wants Noah in place of releasing Beth but Team Rick doesn’t want to let Noah go. Come on people, don’t just stand there as they ask fro Noah, draw some guns, make the crazy cops at the hospital pay.

Beth goes up to talk to Dawn, and like an idiot stabs the female cop with a pair of scissors, and then gets her head blown off. Dawn then gets her own head blown off before the other female cop calls for everyone to stop.

Team Rick walks out to find Team Eugene, and Maggie finds out her sister is dead as her body is carried out by Daryl. I hate the face they killed Beth off. I really liked her.2014_TWD_S5_E8_BethDead

The last thing we see during the mid season finale is Morgan walking up to the church, following the markings someone is leaving on the trees. As he is walking around Morgan finds the note that Sgt Ford wrote on the map.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Rick running down and killing the cop who pushed Sasha. Finally he is acting the way you would expect someone to during the apocalypse.2014_TWD_S5_E8_RickKillingRunner
  • Bad Cop to Rick while he is making the trade offer. “Where are your people.”  Sasha takes out a walker coming towards them with a silenced rifle. “They’re close.”  That was just badass.2014_TWD_S5_E8_SniperShot

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Team Rick bargaining with their prisoners. I’m not sure I’d be trusting the cops I have captive. Much better to draw more cops out and kill them. Then go into the hospital and take back our people.
  • Holy shit, they just killed Beth!
  • Rick’s beard. That’s fake right? It looked like a dead squirrel glued to his face.
  • Maggie crying when she sees Daryl carrying Beth. That just sucked.

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