Dead 7 (2016)

I had really high hopes for Dead 7 when I first saw it coming on. Wild west cowboy movie? It would be hard to screw that up, or at least so I hoped. The directors and writers played just a bit too much Borderlands.

Dead 7 starts with a small town being raided by the undead. Only these aren’t your run of the mill infected. The zombies are commanded by a witch zombie named Apocalypto who can apparently turn the living into her half undead henchman?

After the attack the leader of the town realizes he has to take care of the undead menace, and that means Apocalypto has to die. Queau the Borderlands intros as each of the cowboy gunman is recruited.

Where I struggled with his movie was trying to decide if it was meant to be funny or serious and the fact that it wasn’t very clear to me made it hard to enjoy the action and or the silliness of it.

Having said all that, it was watchable – once. There were some parts of the movie that were better than others…2016_Dead_7_Girl

While most of the acting was over the top and the dialogue pretty bad, Carrie Keagan’s “Daisy Jane” did have some interesting combat scenes.

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