Disaster L.A.

Disaster L.A. is one of those movies I watched, and enjoyed it, I just couldn’t help but feel that it was done better by others. The effects were decent enough and the acting wasn’t bad, but the basics just didn’t go together very well. Overall I didn’t turn it off and it was horrible, but its not a movie I would watch twice.

Spoilers below…

It was the standard plot holes that got me. You know that people are dying, and after they die they come back – and yet you still let members of your party go off alone. Which wasn’t even the worst hole in the plot. At one point they listen to a radio broadcast which tells everyone in L.A. they have until the morning to escape before the military uses chemical weapons to contain the outbreak. I’m pretty sure that if the military was going to bring the hammer down to contain some form of outbreak they aren’t going to first, let people know its coming, and second give them a deadline to get out of the infected zone.

But that is just me.  Ignore those plot holes and it was otherwise an okay movie. In my opinion Night Of The Comet did it better when it comes to comet disaster movies. Even though it is an oldie, it is still one of my favorites.

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