The Walking Dead (Season 7, Episode 11)

The Walking Dead, Season 7

Episode 11, Hostiles and Calamities


Savior Compound

Hostiles and Calamities kicks off with Eugene being brought to the Savior Compound. He thinks they are going to torture or otherwise be mean but they put him in a nice room and tell him he can have whatever he wants toe eat – within reason. After the female Savior shows Eugene his room she takes him down to where the slave labor is and tells him that he is not like them. He’s a Savior now. If he wants something he should take it. As they walk out of the “factory” area they meet up with Negan. He wants to know if Eugene is a smarty pants. Eugene confirms that he is. Negan presents Eugene with a problem. They have zombies around their perimeter but they are rotting away. Eugene tells him to use their smelter to cover the walkers in metal to keep them longer.

After the commercial we see Eugene in his room with three attractive young ladies all in black. He’s playing video games until he once again tells people how smart he is. They challenge him to make something go boom – which he does by making hydrogen and trapping it in some medical gloves before lighting them with a bang. The girls love it but Eugene looks super uncomfortable.

The next night two of the wives come back to talk to Eugene. They tell Eugene that they chose to be Negan’s wives – but Amber, the sad girl, only did it to help her mom and she wants to end it. They want Eugene to make a poison so Amber can take something and just go to sleep and not wake up. Or at least that is what they tell Eugene. The question is whether they really want to help Amber or if they are trying to kill someone else? Like Negan?

The next day Eugene goes to the factory to get some cold capsules and pulls rank on the poor girl working the register. He then takes a few things and walks away.

We then cut over to Dwight’s door being kicked in and him getting a beating. Apparently Dwight’s ex wife (Negan’s now) disappeared just after Daryl left. Negan accuses Dwight of flipping on him but Dwight denies it and tells him he’s still his man. Negan accepts it and legs Dwight out to hunt for Daryl.

Dwight goes back to his house from the before. The place is destroyed. He was hoping that his wife would still be there, but she is gone. She left him some notes but she isn’t sure if Dwight would take her back to Negan or even kill her. She tells Dwight she had to leave because it was her fault he ended up as Negan’s dog. She also tells him she was the one who let Daryl go, and that she doesn’t think she is going to make it – but its okay. Being a prisoner is worse than being dead.

When Dwight gets back he tells the Doc that he killed her. He then sets the Doc up for letting Daryl out. Which gets the Doc a branding. The Doc admits to letting Daryl go because he thinks it is going to save him from being burnt – but instead it gets him thrown into the furnace.

After the events at the furnace the two wives come back to Eugene to get the pills but he already figured out the wives were really going after Negan and refuses to give the pills up. Shortly thereafter Negan shows up at his door. Negan wants Eugene to know he doesn’t let just anyone join his team – especially at the upper echelon. Eugene tells him he is his 100% and I for one was very convinced. I feel like Eugene turned.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Eugene – “Can I get Lobster?” And the look on the girl’s face.
  • Eugene – “I was gifted these pickles.” When Negan offers Eugene a bonus for coming up with the molten zombie covering.
  • Dwight setting up the Doc and tying up all the loose ends around Daryl and his ex wife. Now if she just stays disappeared Negan won’t ever find out that he was played.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Negan keeping Dwight around. You stole the man’s wife. You burnt his face up. Why risk him putting a knife in your or shooting you at some point. Just kill him.
  • Seeing Eugene so scared again.
  • Seeing Eugene becomes Negan’s man. I feel like he is flipping. He was always a coward and I think he’s found his home now.


  • We see Negan uses his wives to reward someone. The reward stops before intercourse – because sex with his wives is a no no – but still. Books:

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