Bad Gun Handling – Female Bipod

I am nearly, almost, 100% sure this was just a photo stunt. For the sake of that woman’s pubis, I certainly hope he didn’t have a live round in that weapon.

The bottom line however is that this is just a bad idea. People make mistakes. Maybe he thought he cleared it and grabbed an empty clip – maybe he picked up a magazine with a single round it and didn’t notice. He pulls the trigger and hurts her, or worse, she falls and as her legs wrap around the barrel it goes off and she loses an arm or maybe her life.

Firearms are not toys. They are not props. They are deadly tools that should be treated like such. I love shooting, I enjoy the range and every time I manage to acquire a new weapon it is like Christmas morning.

I would like to have a lot more moments like that. Which means all of us have to act like responsible adults and not give the “anti Gun” lobby fuel to use against us.

Be safe out there…

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