Fear the Walking Dead (Season 3, Episode 1)

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 3

Episode 1 (Eye of the Beholder), Episode 2 (The New Frontier)


The season premiere kicks off just after the shootout on the highway. Travis, Madison, and Alicia have been captured. The military takes the survivors, splits them up, and drives off – splitting up the family. We see as the camera pans overhead what looks like a large complex of warehouses.

Travis is taken into what seems like a processing center where is is measured, weighed, and assigned a number. While this is going on we here someone screaming, then shot, before we see a dead man in what looks like a shower.

After Travis is put into a room with other survivors he sees Nick on the other side of the room. Their eyes meet. Travis moves over to his son and he tells Nick that his mother and sister are there as well.

Madison & Alicia have been put into an office. They are left alone for a short time before a soldiers shows up with tea. The soldier apologizes for how roughly they were treated and Madison immediately goes on the attack – asking him why. The soldier is writing things in a notebook, but something about him creeps me out.

When the soldiers leaves Madison & Alicia he goes back to the man who was killed in the showers. They are timing how long it took for him to die, then turn. The soldier then goes in to talk to Travis, asking him a bunch of questions, but not telling him he has Madison & Alicia. When Travis tells the soldier that Nick’s girlfriend needs help he says the only mercy he can offer is death.

The soldiers intentions are made very clear just a few moments later. Travis and the rest of the people in their room are brought into the shower and they shoot one of the survivors in the chest.

Travis tries to keep the soldiers occupied by talking trash. At first I thought it was just to give one of the others a chance to pick their handcuffs but then it turns into a general brawl. Travis and Nick make it out while Troy (the soldier) is upstairs talking to Madison & Alicia.

The escape goes about as well as it would in real life. Nick and his girl make it into the sewers, but the other guy with them gets shot, then cut, and is thrown into the hole to turn and eat them.

Travis ends up in a narrow alley with four soldiers where is is taken back into custody. Troy tells Travis his little escape interrupted a tender moment with Madison – then tells his soldiers to take him out back. When Troy goes back into the office Madison attacks.

Troy is quicker than she is. he defends against her knife strike which leads to a nice little struggle and an awesome scene where she sticks a spoon into Troy’s orbit and tells him to stop moving or she’ll take his eye out.

Meanwhile down in the sewer Nick thinks he’s found a way out only to realize he’s just opened a door for all the undead to come in.

Nick flees back into the sewer at the same time his Dad is thrown into a pit full of biters. The soldiers cheer as Travis goes into combat mode, killing biters with cinder blocks and then a length of rebar.

After Troy’s brother negotiates his brothers life for her families, there is a heartfelt reunion and the soldiers decide to let the family live – and resupply them, and give them guns.

The two brothers have a wee bit of a fight before we see one of the other soldiers on the death squad back down in the shower kill area. He hears something behind the wall and like and idiot investigates – which gets him eaten through a wall and lets the horde loose.

The family can’t seem to stay together though and the pairs get scrambled. Troy saves Madison but the horde forces her and Nick into the truck with him while Travis and Alicia, and Nick’s girl take the faster route by helicopter.

At first I thought Travis an Alicia were the lucky ones because they were taking the faster route but the helicopter comes under fire and Travis takes a bullet to the neck. He knows he’s about to die and because he doesn’t want to turn unbuckles and goes out the door. Total Bummer.

After we see Travis get killed the story line shifts to Mexico where Strand does his best to calm the craziness at the gate. Survivors want in and they take one of the staff hostage until Strand tells the crowd he’s a doctor and he will do his best to help them.

Thing cut over to Alicia. She’s in shock, wondering if Travis is out there alive or dead. While Alicia is dealing with this Madison and Nick are in the truck with Troy – a part of the motorcade on its way back to home base.

When the motorcade gets back they learn the helicopter never made it back to base and Troy goes tearing off after his brother.

Back in Mexico Strand does fine with most of the cuts and wounds until they bring him a pregnant woman. He seems truly panicked that he might have to treat the woman and only does so because its clear there will be violence if the woman dies.

Back in the states everyone is upset and nervous. Nick wants to run but Madison is trying to keep him under control so they can bolt when the tie would be better. Out in the woods the survivors of the helicopter crash have been found by the undead. The female co pilot and grand daughter of the leader of the new people was bitten and taken down. Alicia ends up saving Jake. Now it is down to three survivors of the helicopter crash out in the wilderness.

After saving the resort compound Strand is told he needs to leave – but not until after he treats one last patient – the crazy lady who lost her family in season 2. She thanks him and then jumps.

Alicia, Nick’s girlfriend, and the brother make it back only to have Troy tell Nick he has to kill his girlfriend because she’s wounded. Troy goes to kill her but Nick tells him he’s got this, he’ll do it. Troy, then hands the guy who hates him a loaded weapon – because yeah that makes total sense.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Madison threatening to pluck Troy’s eye out with the spoon she has in his orbit.
  • Travis showing his fighting skills in the pit.
  • Soldier boy getting eaten through the wall.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I really hope the separation of Madison & Alicia isn’t the old “We need to repopulate the world.” thing.
  • The soldiers not killing Madison when she let Troy go. Come on, they aren’t going to be “decent” all of a sudden.
  • The soldiers not only let them live – but they resupply the family after everything that happened. It just doesn’t fit.
  • Travis eating it in the helicopter. I really liked him.
  • Troy handing Nick a loaded handgun.

Main Characters:

  • Nick Clark – Starts the season off by finding his girlfriend turned into a walker in a church. Has a addition problem.
  • Alicia Clark – Nick’s sister. Has already lost her boyfriend to the virus.
  • Madison Clark – Mother to Nick and Alicia. She worked at the high school where she met Travis Manawa, her boyfriend.
  • Travis Manawa – School teacher and Madison’s love interest.
  • Chris Manawa – Travis’s son.
  • Daniel Salazar – The Barber who shelters Team Travis in Episode 2.
  • Ofelia Salazar  – The Barber’s cute daughter.
  • Strand – The Instigator who Nick met in the detention center in S1, Episode 5.
  • Thomas – Strand’s significant other.
  • Celia – Thomas & Louis’s mother.
  • Jack the Radio Dude – Alicia’s radio boyfriend.
  • Connor – Jack’s boss and the leader of the boat pirates.
  • Louis – Strand’s friend. The one who was going to get Strand into Mexico.
  • Alex – Female from flight 462 plane shorts.
  • Luciana – Female who ends up helping Nick in S2, Episode 8.
  • Alejandro – the leader & Pharmacist who runs the colony.
  • Elena – manager at the Hotel who the other guests blame for locking them in.
  • Antonio – Elena’s sister who is with the Bandits.
  • Troy – Crazy brother who was killing people to see how long it took them to turn.
  • Jake – Good brother who saved Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Nick’s girlfriend.

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